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If you are like me when I got started reselling I had no idea of how to do photography for my shop. So today I want to show you some Depop photo tips to make the journey a little easier for you!

We all know photography matters when selling online, however, sometimes it’s the “how to do it?” that’s the REAL PROBLEM.

So today I break down the key ingredients to make sure your Depop photography helps you sell more!


When you are first starting out as a new seller, photography is one of the most important aspects of selling.


It sends a message…

It shows you care…

Buyers will think that if you take the time to carefully photograph and list an item hopefully that same care will occur when they purchase the product from you. Good photography shows a level of professionalism, here I talk about how some buyers are concerned about scamming on Depop. Therefore, you can counteract this by showing “cues” of your professionalism.

People will look at the time you spent to photograph and provide good details on the product listing, plus other professionalism cues to make a determination about you. In addition to photography, things like adding shop policies that helps you look professional and worthy of someone doing business with you. Although photography is definitely a key aspect of selling on Depop, they are other things that need to be done. These that are discussed in more detail in this article!

In conclusion, good photography can help boost consumer confidence in your shop!


Let’s face it we all like nice things and  your Depop photography is supposed to show the best presentation of your item.

So basically that photo with the wrinkled crumpled up shirt with the dank lightening just won’t cut it.

Don’t photograph wrinkled items.

If you don’t feel like ironing, throw the item in the dryer.

Most customers if they have a choice of picking a pair of Lululemon pants from the person with them folded neat displayed on a crisp white background vs. the seller with the Lululemon pants crumpled on a bedsheet, the buyer will go with the crisp white background presentation.

Even if the person buying is the messiest person alive they still want the item they are spending money on to be crisp looking!


Natural lightening is the best because it’s free and you don’t have to spend buying equipment.

About a year ago my dog broke my lightening equipment so honestly I don’t use artificial lightening anymore.

I like using natural light because I have no clunky equipment to set up and it’s free and I don’t have to worry about any lightening equipment being destroyed.  If you are like me and are pressed for time to take pictures and don’t have time to chase daylight hours consider taking pictures on the weekend. Also considering taking them at a set time intervals.  So  that might mean on a lunch break, immediately after work, or on the weekends.  Especially if you just have to stage and click, with no try on’s, taking these types of pictures are so easy.

Here is an example of a picture that I took within 5 minutes on a lunch break one day.

This is just the parking lot where my car was parked.

depop photo location


If you are super busy working during the daytime and you feel like you are chasing daylight even after following my advice above, considering “batching” your photos!

Batching your photos will help with efficiency. So take multiple pictures at once. That way while you have the camera out you can several Depop photos  done. I do this all the time with my pictures for my flat lay on the grass ones, I will take back to back pictures, decide which ones I will model and get those out of the way!

I may model them later (I have to be in the mood for this, plus good lightening with the shadows etc complicate this more than just a flat lay!) So while the lightening is good for the flat lay–batch your pictures–and get them out of the way!


I loved using white seamless paper, but now that I don’t have anymore I came up with a $2 hack in the meantime until I repurchase it. What I do is I put 4 poster boards together and I take a picture then I use the Foto Fuze app to clean it up! I bought the posterboards at the dollar tree they are 2/$1 in my area.

Depop states in their Explore Page how to guide, no stark backgrounds, but as you can see in their pictures and on the Explore page there are plenty Explore pictures with a clean, crispy, backgrounds that have made it on the Explore Page.

I have had several of my items with white backgrounds make it on there as well.

Here’s the deal:

Sometimes a clean white background is all that is needed to provide the right juxtaposition of color to make the item pop and the buyer to see all the relevant details!


Having the right hanger can make a difference in your photo presentation. For example, cheap wire hangers can cause the close to warp and lay awkardly. This is why, I use three types of hangers: an oversized, velvet hanger, or a wooden hanger.

To me I don’t like the oversized hanger for all pictures because gives it weird shape but it can be helpful for men’s clothing and jackets. I made my oversized/hanger using an Youtube tutorial. Sometimes I use the velvet hanger in lieu of the oversized hanger for bigger items and the wooden hanger is my ultimate go to item!


Depop photo dimensions are set for a square format, which appears to be 1:1 ratio.

As such, if you are using your I-phone and take the square picture you are good. Other phones square formatting should be similar, I use an I-Phone and this functions works perfect for me! Also, I should note that this also works for my Etsy and Poshmark shop as well so that ‘s good to know for anyone who is cross listing. Your full length shots can definitely be tricky when trying to format for Depop dimensions. For example, if you are trying to get a pair of pants within Depop photo dimensions the best way is to set your camera to the square if not, TRUST ME, you may wish getting your item cutoff.  It will be the most perfect picture and then all of a sudden you have to cut off the leg portion because it doesn’t fit.

That is why I stick with photographing in a square format and I have no worries and no more edits to make!


Free or cheap backgrounds are everywhere and I mean everywhere, you literally can just use an outside element to take a picture for a free background!

Not distracting or unique backgrounds can make your photos pop.

I tend to go with plain backgrounds because that’s easy and efficient for me and works across the various platforms.

DEPOP PHOTO TIPS–Here are some ideas for free backgrounds:

  • Sky
  • Fence
  • Graffiti Wall/Mural
  • Cool Building (see below for a local car shop I utilize to take pics!)
  • Bedsheet (not the biggest fan of this if its wrinkled, but has worked for many people!)
  • Grass
  • Top level of parking lot garages
  • Garage Door
  • Building Walls
  • Desert
  • Outside by a fence
  • Outside by a tree, other rustic background

The possibility are endless once you start taking pictures outside I swear you will get addicting to finding cool locations!

Caution: Always be aware of your surroundings. Be careful about trespassing.

guess jacket thrifted
This jacket was photographed at a car shop it’s hanging on a rusty nail!

PRO TIP: I heard from a very popular Youtuber that in areas in California (she lived near a major city) that you need a permit to take pictures, so she was taking them on the low low. If this is the case in your area, then please take that in consideration before you go rogue!

The Depop seller (@barbie_roadkill) has the most crush worthy backgrounds and is a perfect mix of vivid aesthetics. Her backgrounds are colorful but also not overtly distracting.  Of course, no one is expecting you to go all out of for this, she has a unique store but she definitely does it the right way! Also check out @masha_jlynn, a top selling combo who take their pictures outside and utilize plain backgrounds.


In order to pose for Depop you don’t have to think about contrived posing, if you look at at the Explore page they are people who are definitely “posing” for the camera, but others don’t show their faces and are just having fun in front of the camera. Depop is a very unique marketplace where you don’t have to worry about how you look or if you have the perfect face or body, Depop is very inclusive!

I do my own photography, it’s just easier for me. I don’t have time to wait for anyone!

Below are my steps for posing for your own pictures!


  1. First I decide on a location, at home, outside, etc
  2. Next, I grab my clothes make sure they are wrinkle free
  3. If I am going to a location I take them and a few hangers with me
  4. Model, hang, or flat lay the item
  5. Make sure I take my pictures in square format
  6. If modeling, then I use a tripod with a selfie stick mount for cell phone *
  7. I use a timer to give me time to pose for the photos
  8. I check the photos to make sure they are okay and that’s it

*NOTE: You can purchase a selfie stick/tripod for your phone, but I already had a tripod so that is why I just buy the mount which is like .99, but I would buy 1-2, one for your car and one for the house if you plan to do photos away from home.


At the time of this article you cannot send private photos on Depop.

If you need to update some photos or add some additional photos and you do not want to delete any from your listing, the best way is to add a new listing put an outrageous price so no one will buy. Next, add a cover photo and let the user know about the additional listing that houses the additional pictures for them. Since you can’t send private photos on Depop via the messaging system for now, this appears to be the easiest method to employ to stay within the Depop app for sending photos.


Knowing what works for the Explore Page is two-fold. First you can up your chances of making it on the Explore Page. Second, pictures on the Explore Page are typically have a good photography standard, hence the reason they were picked. In short, if you look at the Explore page you can get good inspo for taking your own photography as well.


Photograph all flaws, try to do a close up and feel free to add a scale. For example how I point to the flaw with a pin so that a user could see the comparison. Furthermore you can place a dime by the hole, to see the relative size which helps users get a real feel of the flaws.

PRO TIP: Depop does not like collages for the cover photo, but since they only allow 4 photos I will often time put my flaws in a collage so that a user can get a real ACCURATE LOOK OF ALL THE FLAWS without jeopardizing my limited photo capacity!


Also do not use FILTERS, they distort the true character of the item. 

Again, this is important for Depop photo tips that increase your sales, do not use filters, they could do the opposite and decrease your sales if you have unwarranted returns!

Present your item as is, this is the best way to prevent customer dissatisfaction from getting an item not as described.  This is perhaps one of the biggest dissatisfaction for customers on any reselling platform, that and slow shipping!

Good photography sends a buying signal of trust worthiness that this person takes pride and I know I can trust them to give me a quality product as described.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you do not use stock photos as they are prohibited on Depop and this may effect your ability to be found in search!

By following these Depop photo tips should help you with increasing your Depop sales.

I abide by these same rules and I truly believe they have helped me with my continuous sales on Depop!

You got this! Keep your clothing neat, take pictures using the resources you have at your disposable and make sure to have fun with it and your sales will follow!

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