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Having good Depop shop policies are a very important part of selling on Depop that might be different if you came from another selling platform.

You may be wondering I don’t have to worry about this elsewhere so why is it so important here?

We will dive into that today, but in summary:

Depop shop policies helps buyers know the terms of the sales they are entering into so there are no surprises.  Additionally, Depop shop policies can highlight some of the frequently asked questions sellers will encounter so that a seller doesn’t get as many unnecessary messages. In short, proper Depop policies will let you a buyer see a snapshot of the sellers terms and conditions.

Why are Depop Policies Important?

Shop policies are important because they give your shop an instant boost of professionalism that helps to engender trust with your potential buyer.

If you are starting from scratch and have no other method to make yourself appear to be a legitimate seller (i.e. no scammer, etc) having  good shop policies can go a long way.

Remember, we all have to start from somewhere that includes me. 

When I first started selling on Depop I surveyed a lot of accounts and noticed a consistency from the ones that were doing well.

They had clear pictures and clear and concise shop policies listed on the header of their profiles.

Since I started selling in 2018, the Depop app has changed and now there is a specific location for a seller’s shop policies of which we will discuss next.

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How to Check Shop Policies on Depop?

You can see a Depop user shop policies quickly by looking at the header portion of a user’s page. Here are other ways to see someones shop policies on Depop.

  • Reviewing to see if they have a shop policy posting in their closet.
  • Also, see if a user has updated their shop policies via the Depop app.

Depop shop policies

You can set your Depop Shop Policies in settings

Depop shop policies

What things should I list or address in my Depop Shop Policies?

I do see some sellers put a tagline in each listing that says please refer to my shop policies they apply rather you have or have not read them.  I haven’t updated my listings to reflect this.

I am not saying that I would say this exact verbiage anyway but some user’s appear to use it solidify their stance for people who may for example try to return an item that was final sell and try to act like they didn’t know that.

Personally, I keep a shop  policies in my closet and I perhaps could at least put that in my bio about to please refer to shop policies. Also, I recently added it to my bio to please refer to my shop policies so I don’t have to update my listings individually with this information. If you’re starting out or do not want to be lazy like me decide up front how you should handle.

In reality, I have not had any bad issues with an user trying to feign ignorance about my shop policies.

Even for the people who want to return even though I put ‘final sale” in my closet and my shop listing, they still know its final sale they just may ask to see if this once I will bend the rules for them.

To be honest, most people are only considered about a few things:

  • Do you take offers?
  • Can you ship internationally?
  • Returns accepted?

However additonally my Depop policies include:

  • How measurements are taken
  • How I prewash the clothing
  • My stance on swaps/trades/holds
  • The care I take in reviewing flaws and notating them
  • Shipping Timelines/Info

<<Feel free to review my Depop shop policies here!>>

As such, in short don’t overstress about the shop policies make them clear, concise, and to the point and BE TRANSPARENT!

To me, I don’t play to cat and mouse game to chase a sale, if you want the item fine then here are my rules if you don’t that is fine also.

I don’t slam my rules down a person’s throat I am list them in enough places and I am open for questions if you have them.

Write your Depop Shop Policies like a FAQ!

I find its best to treat your Depop Shop policies like a FAQ page and address all of those questions you’re gonna to get asked.

The more experience you become/are as a seller you’re going to start to see the same question over and over again and you can just direct a person to your shop policies.

By treating you Depop shop policies like a FAQ you can answer some of those basic questioning that you constantly get and you know just like anything in business when someone ask you the same question over and you need to address it once and for all!

There is nothing wrong with looking around at other people policies to find verbiage that resonates with you.

So some of the general things that you wanna break down in more detail for your shop policies are:

  • Return Policy
  • If you are open to offers
  • If you are open to trades/swaps/holds
  • Shipping Guidelines

Final Thoughts

Keep your Depop shop policies clear and concise and you will be fine. Depop gives you a template in the app that was discussed above which will help to point you in the right direction!