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Platforms, where you negotiate, can feel tricky when it’s purchasing time and many people wonder about Depop’s instant buy and what that is and when they can purchase an item outright.

Today I will break this down in a very simple manner.

What is instant buy on Depop?

Depop instant buy is when you want to purchase an item with no negotiation.  Much like you would shop online at any e-commerce retailer out there (i.e. Sephora, Nordstroms, Best Buy) when you want to buy something “instantly” you just go ahead and purchase the item.  The concept of instantaneous purchasing is something people don’t want to always do all the time on Depop. For example, some people on Depop want to attempt a little negotiating hence the reason Depop instant buy may seem like a novel idea when its really not, its instantly purchasing like you would any online “corporate” type retailer that wasn’t an individual.

Where is the buy button on Depop?

On the Depop app, the buy button is in the bottom right-hand corner.  If you are sure you want to purchase and have no further questions for the seller you can press the buy button and proceed to the purchase.

depop instant buy button

How do I buy on Depop?

You can buy on Depop in one of two ways:

  • You can negotiate a purchase before hand or;
  • You can purchase out right

Negotiating before purchase on Depop

If you want to negotiate the first step is to see if the seller is open to offers.  Please check the sellers header page or their shop policies to see if they are open to offers. If they are open to offers then submit them an offer accordingly.

<<<<This article will show you how to sell fast on Depop>> 

Buying outright on Depop

I often get asked this question as a reseller “how do I buy on Depop” and if you want to make a purchase you just simply press the “buy bottom” which is on the bottom right hand portion of the page.

In summary, the instant buy meaning is a the quickest way to purchase outright with no negotiation on Depop.