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Do you want to know if providing a free gift with purchase on Poshmark is a waste of your time?

If you have been selling on Poshmark than I think you will agree with me that selling on Poshmark can get REAL TRICKY!!

But by now, I hope you realize that I give you real advice about reselling on Poshmark with no fakery and today’s advice is no different.

Today, I will break down rather you should bother with a free gift with purchase on Poshmark or not.


  • Should you Offer a Free Gift with Purchase on Poshmark
  • Gift Ideas for Poshmark Sales
  • Thank You Gifts & Your Time


So let’s get right to the point–the answer is “no” stop wasting your time with worrying about a free gift with purchase on Poshmark.

All you have to do is package your item as nice as you can, and ship it timely.

Whenever you give freebies on your Poshmark order it does not guarantee you will get a good rating. If you don’t believe me check out the plethora of Poshmark/Reseller groups and forums from sellers commenting on how despite all their extra effort of carefully wrapping, throwing in a freebie, that the customer didn’t give them a rating or gave them a less than stellar one.



So you say “But I still want to add a “poshmark than you gift” then I say go with what makes you happy.

If you choose to add a free item make sure not to add anything that could damage your purchase.

It is generally not a good idea to enclose perishables like candy as it could melt and most people would not eat it anyway. 

Truthfully, I have  given a freebie once or twice (one customer I remember it was because it was concert tee I purchased for $1 and sold for $100) but I’ve sold a lot of stuff so that is not saying much.  It was because I had free pom pom keychains that I wanted to get rid of and that I didn’t feel like listing.  Note: I did not get a review from either customer and to be honest if was not a Poshmark sale.

Also, as more and more Millenials and Gen Z are concerned about the environment, which is a good thing, giving some customers extra items might not be perceived well if you are offering free gifts please be aware of this.  For example, a customer might have purchased a used pair of jeans because they did not want to add to the carbon footprint.  However, they might not want a “poshmark thank you gift” because it just a wasteful item they do not need.


PRO TIP: To keep you profit margin as high as can be do not spend a lot on thank-you gifts.  I would suggest thrifting for thank you gifts that you can get at low prices like no more than .50. Or see what you can recycle from your closet from unwanted gifts or items that you can send. 



Here are some gift ideas for Poshmark sales:

  1. Lint rollers
  2. Deadstock Earrings (some people may not want these used)
  3. Deadstock Quirky socks (who doesn’t like comfy socks!!)
  4. Vintage Stickers
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. Scarves
  7. Keychains

Get creative if its cute and won’t damage the item then go with it.  Think about incorporating the free Poshmark thank you gifts with your packaging.  Like using a scarf as a ribbon or using a pom pom keychain as decor for packaging.

Everyone’s thrift store is different enough but I’ve send the suggestions listed above at plenty of stores throughout the years. Another option is to get something cheap on Ali Express. All in all do not include in your packaging any Poshmark thank you gift that can burst open in transit and damage your shipment (i.e. lotions, candy, etc).

I know companies ship stuff like this all the time, but leave that to the pros. You don’t want to have any reason for your Poshmark customer to return an item. Unfortunately the Poshmark buyer may see an opportunity to return an item because they no longer want it by saying “oh that pen you shipped with the pants burst open and ruined the jeans so sorry hun but I have to return them!”




Ask yourself” Do you really have time for Poshmark thank you gifts?”

Well I don’t!

I am a rogue seller, I sell part-time and I have to streamline my activities to keep up with my real job and busy life.  As such, I choose not to add an extra THING to worry about doing.  Poshmark thank you gifts are something central to Poshmark and it is a derivative of the “divaness” that is Poshmark. You might want to check out my Poshmark review,  “Is Poshmark Worth It?” for more information about this. 

The customers on Poshmark have high expectations of their purchasing experience more so than any other platform.  Poshmark customers are known for lowballing and wanting the cheapest prices.  Additionally, they also want the world post sale, shipment within an hour of purchase, wrapped like they purchased it from Saks.  I don’t believe you should put an extra burden on yourself. Also, why fuel these divas by conditioning them to expect these things from others. 

 If Poshmark wants thank you gift with purchases then they can leverage their buying power to offer some branded cosmetic bags to sellers much like the perfume companies like Estee Lauder, etc.

Otherwise, if you have things around the house you can offer, go ahead, but don’t let Poshmark gift with purchases eat into your profits and don’t stress yourself out with yet another task to add to your plate.



A free gift with purchase on Poshmark does not appear to help with sales or a purchasing decision but if you want to show a token of appreciation for those who purchase bundles or a high value item there is nothing wrong with that. Ultimately, you have to do what’s best for your shop.  However, to think gift with purchases  on Poshmark will have you out here busting out sales well that’s not going to happen.

Honestly, even if it did happen like that it wouldnt not be sustainable because one seller brags about how she got all these sales due to a free gift with purchase on Poshmark then other sellers will up the ante and then it becomes a race to the bottom of offering free gifts.

Eventually you end up spending more time worry about Poshmark thank you gifts then actually selling. The reality is that the concept of a free gift with purchase has been around for a many years with Estee Lauder and other retailers. 

Years ago, when Poshmark sellers were looking for a competitive advantage and a way for the “free gift with purchase on Poshmark to help with “my order getting good reviews” became a thing.

However, just like people at the perfume counter think “free gift with purchase” is no big deal the same with Poshmark purchases, unless you really up the wow factor of what you are offering.

I truly feel that all you have to do as a Poshmark seller to get good reviews overall is to cover the basics, ship timely and ship the item as described.

I do not do free gift with purchases on Poshmark and I have great ratings on Poshmark overall!

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