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Trying to figure out how does Poshmark pay you and what’s the quickest way to get your money can be a little frustrating. I get it, times are hard and you need your money yesterday!

Today, we will go over the Poshmark payment process which is closely tied to its shipping process so you can fast track your way to teh qquickest method to get paid!

So let’s dive in!

How long does it take to get paid on Poshmark?

The length of time it takes for you to get paid on Poshmark will depend on a few  factors.

  • How quickly your item is shipped and delivered
  • How quickly the buyer accepts the purchase
  • The redemption method you chose (direct deposit vs. check)

Lets look at these factors a little bit more:

The quicker you can ship your item the quicker the item gets delivered. This is very important on Poshmark because Poshmark gives a buyer three days to review the item before they will consider the sale concluded. 

In a perfect world, the Poshmark customer would just accept the sale immediately and if that is the case your funds will be reimbursed immediately.  However, reimbursement with Poshmark does not mean payment.

You still have to request for redemption.  Otherwise, if the customer does not automatically accept the sale then you will have to wait for three days and if the buyer does not dispute the sell then it will be updated as accepted.

Once the seller has accepted the purchase manually or unoffically by waiting for three days.  Then you can then ask for redeemption of our funds.

Note to buyers please just accept the sale and stop holding sellers hostage waiting on your acceptance!

Lastly the redeemption method, direct deposit is the quickest and takes about 2-3 business days.

The check via mail of course could take several days just depending on when the check is cut and dealing with post office timelines. 

  • How quickly the buyer accepts the purchase
  • The redemption method you chose (direct deposit vs. check)

Who pays for shipping on Poshmark?

The buyer pays for shipping on Poshmark. However, a seller may choose to pay for shipping partially or fully by sending an offer to potential customers who liked their item.  This option is called offer to likers.

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What percentage does Poshmark take?

The percentage that Poshmark takes off a sale is 20% for sales that are above $15.

For items below $15 there is a flat rate of $2.95 that is deducted from the sale. 

Does Poshmark pay for shipping?

Sometimes Poshmark will pay for shipping at certain times for promotional purposes. Like this example where Posh Authenticate is offering free shipping on all items of $500 or more.

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Poshmark Payment Methods

There are two types of payment methods on Poshmark

  • Direct deposit
  • Check by mail

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How do I transfer money from Poshmark to Paypal?

At this time you cannot transfer money from Poshmark to Paypal as a seller.

Your only option is to receive a check via mail or direct deposit and then once the money hits your bank account to transfer the money to Paypal if you so desire.

What if a buyer does not accept an item on Poshmark?

On Poshmark if a buyer does not accept an item they must file a case within three days of delivery.  If they do not file a case then the sale will be a final sale and the funds will be reedemable within 72 hours.

If the buyer doesn’t accept your package do not harass them.  Consider that this is the cost of doing business with the platform and you should manage your business accordingly.

The reality is that they are some business owners that have to wait long times for payments.  Three days is not forever, you will have to learn to live with it.

If you are frustrated then I suggest sending a postcard with a friendly message thanking them and you appreciate a reivew.

Remember a review is deemed as acceptance of the package and therefore will release the funds!

I will admit that Poshmark payment system is not as fast as other platforms I use, but hey its there system. Remember that, no use to complaining every company manages their cash flows at different levels. The cost of doing business with Poshmark means you have to be willing to work within their system!

Whew so now I hope you understand just how does Poshmark pay you so you can better navigate your finances so that you can make that money until it starts making itself!

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