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I think you will agree with me that trying to figure out how to contact a seller or buyer on Poshmark is not the easiest and may require a work around. Honestly, communication on Poshmark can be tricky because Poshmark does not have a direct messaging system that most people are accustomed to.

So today, we will break down the how to’s and workarounds and go over how best to communicate and commence contact on Poshmark as a buyer or seller!

How to contact a seller on Poshmark?

The easiest way to contact a seller if you have a question that you need answered is via the comment section of the item you are interested in.

Poshmark seller communication

Please note that most sellers will not discuss pricing with you via the comments on Poshmark and this is for good reason.

The reason is if that the comment section cannot be deleted so if the seller offers you the potential buyer a price and that person decides not to purchase, then the seller has shown that they are willing to take a lower price and it will be hard to get any future potential customers to buy at a higher price.

The truth is that many people negotiate on Poshmark but every now and then purchases are made outright so sellers don’t want to risk offering a lower price via the comments and being stuck there later.

All in all the comment section is probably one of the simplest ways on Poshmark when it comes to how to talk to a seller.

How do I communicate with a buyer or seller on Poshmark

There maybe times when you feel a more discreet conversation needs to occur as a buyer or seller.

The Meet the Posher post listed in their closet might be a better alternative if you want a more private conversation on Poshmark.

Here are some pros and cons as to why you may or may not want to communicate with a buyer or seller on Poshmark this way.

First, you may have to dig a little bit to find the listing.

Second, you have to be real descriptive as to what item you are talking about so communications are clear as to what item you are discussing.

However, there are times when you may prefer to have a communication on this listing, people are not necessarily seeing it so you can have a communication that is not on your comment section.  There have been times that the I have had to delete an entire listing due to unfavorable comments on my listings due to petty people and trolls coming for me and straight hatin! 

To be honest, the Meet the Posher listing could potentially get messy also…but honestly I’ve always received positivity there so…

I once had a shipping issue that wasn’t my fault but was USPS fault and I didn’t want to communicate on the “sold listing” as I felt that would give me a bad image for something that was outside of my span of control so I sent a message on the Meet the Posher page to the Poshmark buyer so that they could be kept informed.

What to do if someone asks you to email them on Poshmark?

If someone asks you to email them on Poshmark it is best to ignore them. I know determining how to contact a seller on Poshmark can feel a little tricky but honestly there is no reason to be emailing.

Poshmark wants to keep all communications via the app to ensure no offline purchases.  Do not risk the integrity of your shop and honestly most people who do this are just scammers/spam.

What happens if seller doesn’t ship on Poshmark?

If a seller does not ship on Poshmark within 7 days of your purchase by the 8th day you can proceed with cancelling your order and getting your money back.  If your order is not shipped within 21 days than Poshmark will automatically cancel it for you.

There are inactive sellers on Poshmark and before you tar and feather them understand I was one of them at once.

If you go to my About page on Poshmark it will show you I been a Posher since 2012 and all I did was open the app post a few items and then forgot about it for years.

One day, probably two years after opening it I got a sale for a pair of shoes I had already donated to Goodwill.

Then in 2018 I started actually selling on Poshmark so it happens sometimes.

Here is the reality for Poshmark there are many levels of inactive sellers.

You may look at my closet and see that I may have not shared within 75 days…does that make me inactive or just busy.

For me, I am just busy. Poshmark is not my primary selling app and so sometimes I go periods without sharing.

However, if I do get a sale I will get it shipped out quickly. My sale notification will go to my email and I will get your package out timely.

For some people, they opened shop and are truly inactive. It’s a gamble either way it goes. Granted, you may see that somebody has not shared in a year and you may wonder should I even purchase from this person?

So you comment them and no reply?

Well if they are like me I don’t pay attention to notifications in Poshmark app.

I only have two notifications from Poshmark that I pay attention to and that comes straight to my emails–an offer and sale notification!

If a year from now and I havent shared on Poshmark and I happen to get a sale guess what I am shipping it, point blank.

So in short, a Poshmark inactive seller, may or may not be a big deal!

Poshmark seller hasn’t shipped yet!

The best way to check on the status to confirm if your Poshmark seller has shipped your package is to ask the seller. Sometimes they item might be shipped but just has not been scanned yet.

Just because the package is not tracking does not necessarily mean that a Poshmark seller hasn’t shipped the package! Please note that Poshmark recommends shipping within 2 days, however they give a seller 7 days to ship your order.

How long does a seller have to ship Poshmark?

A seller has 7 days to ship your order on Poshmark.  Poshmark encourages sellers to ship within 2 days of purchase. Trust, they will send several messages when this is not done.  Poshmark realizes that quick shipping is a huge part of providing good customer service and so that is why they promote quick shipping.

How do I check my messages on Poshmark?

The quickest way to check your messages on Poshmark is to go to the News Tab.

How to contact seller on Poshmark

How to send someone a picture on Poshmark?

Currently, there is not a direct way to send someone a picture on Poshmark. Here is an alternative if you want to send someone a picture on Poshmark. This is another tricky area with contact as a seller on Poshmark however, here is your workaround.

First you can add a picture to an already posted listing.

Alternatively, if that option is not available to you then just make a new listing and mark it not for sale and add the pictures you need and tag the person in the comment section.

So basically make a dummy listing and use Poshmark Comments as your way of communication in lieu of sending a picture on Poshmark since that can’t be done.

So in conclusion until Poshmark changes their system to allow direct messaging, you pretty much have to find a workaround to contact on Poshmark as a buyer or seller. I am sure one day they will join the new age instead of this “luddite” way of communication between buyers and sellers, however until then use this tips to communication on Poshmark as you see fit!

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