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Learning how to deal with comments especially how to delete a comment on Poshmark can feel tricky.

In this guide, I will breakdown how to navigate the Poshmark commenting system the right way.  It will include the hacks you need to know on some of the most FAQ’s.

How do I delete a reply on Poshmark?

Unfortunetly, you cannot delete a reply on Poshmark. So think before you send that reply.  Otherwise, the only work around is to delete the entire listing and repost it. 

How can I delete a comment?

At this present time, you cannot delete a comment on Poshmark. However, you can delete the entire posting to delete a comment. I know that sounds like extra work and can be aggravating but currently, at this time, this is your only solution.

Can you delete a comment on your post?

You cannot delete your comment on Poshmark. You can however, delete your post and that will give you a fresh start with no comments.

How do I report a comment on Poshmark?

Reporting a comment on Poshmark is real easy and the steps are outlined here.

Unfortunately, people get out of line sometimes and can get real “catty.”

The few times I had catty people try to start drama with me I personally “block” them.

However, everyone handles things differnetly and I definetly will not begrudge anyone who feels it warrants reporting!

So do you…if they act up go ahead and do your reporting thang so they can’t bully other people!

How to delete my own comment off of Poshmark

On Poshmark you cannot delete your own comment on Poshmark. You can only remove the entire listing and start all over.

How to delete a listing on Poshmark

Deleting a listing on Poshmark is super easy, all you have to do is go to the top right corner of the app and

>Press “Edit”

>Then go to the bottom and

>Press “delete listing.”

How to delete Poshmark account

There are two ways to delete an account on Poshmark, you can either delete it on the web or via the app. Poshmark outlays the instructions here which are super simple.

How to clear search history on Poshmark

At this time, it does not appear that you can clear search history on Poshmark.  Poshmark shows your search history in an effort to be helpful for you to have a quick guide to go back to.  Like most platforms like Amazon, etc recent search history is used to help increase the buyer experience. 

How to block on Poshmark?

Blocking a user on Poshmark is real easy and unfortunetly is something I am accustomed to doing on Poshmark.

All you have to do to block a User on Poshmark:

  • Go to the Ellipses (…) of the user you don’t like and select “Block User”

Remember if you block the user you they can no longer see like, comment, share, etc etc or do anything with your listing. You are pretty much invisible to them, which I ams assuinming is fine with you because they are persona non grata due to the fact you felt the need to block them in the first place!

Trust me, as a person who likes efficient processes, the way the commenting system currently works on Poshmark seems a bit inefficient to me. You pretty much have to start all and delete and repost listings to eradicate comments. If you look at it from the vantage point that reposting gives you an opportunity to breath new light in what maybe a “stale” listing that maybe a half glass full optimistic approach. However, what I have learned after many years in corporate America is that every business has inefficient processes you just have to find your work around and “hacks” to deal with those processes that work for you!

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