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Obtaining a Poshmark host pick is not as tricky as it may seem.

Today I’m going to show you exactly how you can get host picks 100% of the time.

In fact, this is the same process that helped me to get many host picks within a few months of joining Poshmark.

I find Poshmark host picks extremely easy to get if you have a plan. I built a sure-fire way to get a host pick every time I tried and today I will show you that process.  

This method worked consistently and my closet is packed with host picks by following this very simple plan.

So let’s get started!

How do you get chosen for a host pick on Poshmark?

How I got Poshmark host picks 100% of the time as a newbie

For a four-month period after I first began selling in 2018 I relentlessly pursued Poshmark host picks and from the time I got my first host pick I was hooked. After that, I devised a plan to get host picks and anytime I pursued a host pick I pretty much got one if not 100% of the time then 99%.  My plan was simple, make it easier for the host to select my items by standing out in a crowded room of other closets—basically, I realized I needed the host to see my items before others so that I would be first in line and more likely to get picked.   So this is how I accomplished that!


#1: How to get a Poshmark host pick: Get to the Poshmark host before everyone else does

You do this by looking at the Poshmark weekly line up:

Poshmark publishes this line up on a weekly basis so you can see all the hosts for the week, that way before the party is announced via the app you could get to the host first and promote your closet and let the host know that you would like to be considered for a host pick.

Poshmark Party Line Up Listing

In addition to the weekly blog, here are two accounts that keep up with the Poshmark parties if you want to follow them:

#2: How to get a host pick: Review the Poshmark host’s guideline to target your listing

Next, I would use the posh party lineup as my guide and then go to the closets to see how the hosts wanted me to submit host picks. I would carefully review their closet to see what was the host’s preferred method for me to submit my item for review.

Using the lineup shown above let’s say I wanted to target the

7 p.m. – Jetset Getaway Party with KellyHeidiAnnieMarlaCarolineand Gabrielle

Most hosts will put a posting in their closet announcing that they are party hosts with directions for how they will be selecting their items. It is very important that if the party host gives you direction to follow it or you risk annoying the party host and I can tell you from experience some of these hosts can get real catty. Here is my party posting from an actual party I hosted!

Different hosts have different guidelines but in general they include some combination of the following:

Poshmark Host Pick Guidelines

   1/Sharing a limited # of items

   2/Leave a comment on the post

   3/Tag the item

   4/A follow on their social handle

Although I have had success with direct sharing, when sharing directly to a host’s closet, please proceed with caution. In the beginning, when I was new to Poshmark I didn’t realize that direct sharing was perceived to people as a “pushy” sales tactic, akin to the greasy car salesman.  If I didn’t see a method for me to get in touch with the host it was just easier to direct share the item that was a good fit for the party’s theme. 

Some hosts didn’t realize why I was submitting/directly sharing the item especially when I was submitting as an early bird and they had not posted in their closet about them being a party host or had forgotten about being a host. However, most hosts were okay with direct sharing once they knew what I was doing, but again, proceed with caution because I had more than one host get upset that I was directly sharing my item to their closet.  Eventually I started sharing only if the host invited a share via the announcement, otherwise if there was no announcement I just tagged my item and used one of the templates that you can download here

It may be tricky to find the best way when someone doesn’t have an announcement but I used the three methods discussed and this is how I was able to communicate because in Poshmark there is no direct messaging service so you have to get creative with how to get in touch with your fellow poshers.

Also, another thing hosts may not like as much, from reviewing a lot of host listings, many hosts don’t like it when you go to other items in their shop that they have for sale and start asking for host picks and messaging them there.  Often times, they want clean, centralized communication, and not all these “can I have a host pick?” comments all over items they are trying to sell.

#3: How to get a Poshmark Host Pick: Step into the mind of the host

Hosts are not getting paid they are volunteering their time as such you want to make it easy to conduct biz with you. I would place some of my top items at the top of my closet to entice the host to scroll down and review my closet further. Also, the more host picks I received the easier it was for me to get future host picks because the hosts could see I had a posh compliant closet which is key to getting a host pick.  This saves the host time because it takes time to review new closets without host picks to see if they are compliant. When I was a host my host picks were a representation of me—on one hand, I wanted to give as many people as possible a shot, on the other hand, I wanted to promote good listings. Some closets were not good, sometimes it was the inventory but mostly it was bad photography grainy photos with bad lighting and bad presentation (ie crumpled wrinkled clothing, dank looking backgrounds, etc).

#4: How to get a Poshmark host pick: Be Posh compliant

If you are not sure how to be posh compliant then read the rules of what things you are not supposed to be selling and make sure you are not trying to sale off-line (like trying to sale on PayPal because you don’t want to pay the Poshmark fee). If you have never received a host pick it’s very important that you do a self-evaluation because hosts have to pick 50-100 items and they don’t necessarily have time to tell you what you are doing wrong many times you will just be skipped like the job applicant who has misspellings on the resume and you will never know you were looked over. Hosts will not pick you if you are not Posh compliant because it could jeopardize their ability to host future parties.

#5: Get into the eyesight of Poshmark hosts as early as possible

What I can tell you from my experience from being a host twice is that notifications can get overwhelming and they go into the thousands once you are announced as a PM party host. There was an influencer in particular who hit me up who got flooded with my notifications normally I try to surprise even those who hit me up last minute with a host pick or two but I actually was at a birthday party and so I couldn’t be the weird antisocial person in the corner ignoring everyone so I missed her wonderful closet although under normal circumstances I would have loved to feature it. So moral of the story get in where you can fit in and do it early!

Do host picks guarantee a sale?

I only got a sale from a host pick the first time I tried and none thereafter after countless Poshmark host picks.  Host picks do not guarantee a sale.  I think looking back I could have been more strategic with utilizing the attention on my shop to bring attention to my other items.  I saw a YouTube video about how you can strategically place an ad for your host pick item that advertises a sale through your closet, like “15 % off all tops” that way you can capitalize on all the traffic that is coming your way when you get a host pick. I never tried this approach as I had already stopped pursuing host picks, I began to focus more on building my shop on another platform.

Will I know ahead of time if I am getting a Poshmark host pick?

The only way I knew I was getting a host pick before the party was if the host directly messaged me which was rare, remember hosts are picking 50-100 items and messaging everyone can be time-consuming.  After my direct contacts, I will typically get responses pretty quickly, especially when I directly tagged. I knew once a host I had reached out to “liked my item” typically that meant I was going to get a host pick. This is a popular way for hosts to catalog their host picks are to like them and then share them to the feed at party time. For example, when I host I like the things I am going to share, then when it is time for the party I just review my likes and share my likes. This appears to be one of the most common methods hosts use to select their host picks.

How do you know if you got a host pick on Poshmark?

You will know that you got a host pick if you get an email announcing you were selected. Most times you will start getting a rapid amount of notifications as well, from all the comments and shares.

When it comes to host picks I truly feel the early bird gets the worm. This is not to say there are some hosts that are selecting last minute, but I received my best luck by contacting hosts early. In summary, to get a host pick you need to have a Posh compliant closet, clean cover shots, and contact the hosts ahead of time to pick your item! If you follow the steps I outlined, you can be a “queen” of host picks” and can literally sit back with that Naomi Campbell confidence just waiting for your item to be picked!

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