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So are you wondering how to leave feedback on Depop the right way?

Well, it can be tricky…on one hand you want to give good feedback but on the other hand maybe you feel like you just want to tell somebody off.

Well today we will dive into how to give feedback that is fair and also beneficial for both sides!

How to leave feedback on Depop

It is real easy to leave feedback for a buyer on Depop, all you have to do is

> Go to profile

>Go to your receipts

>Select the purchase you want to rate

>Select leave feedback

Here are some simple reminders when leaving feedback.  Be honest and fair to the buyer.  It is not there fault if the item doesn’t fit you if they have provided all the specifications and correct measurements to the best of their ability then they do not deserve a bad rating because the item didn’t fit you.

It was your decision to purchase the item.  They could have easily sold that item to another person. The seller doesn’t deserve a bad rating. That’s just silly but people love to make it the sellers fault because of fit.

A lot of times sellers put their selling terms and conditions in their shop policies.  If so, did you read them?

If not, review them before you go blasting them also if there is a problem consider contacting the seller before to see if they can remedy the situation.

I can honestly tell you that many sellers literally get anxiety over bad reviews that is how important they value them.

In short:

  • Be fair
  • No ranting
  • See if you can message the seller first if a problem occurs

Please note, that revenge feedback or abusive feedback or that goes against Depop’s terms of service could be potentially removed.

Can you get scammed on Depop?

Honestly, you can potentially get scammed on any platform that is peer to peer.  However, I have bought on plenty of platforms: Poshmark, Ebay, Mercari, and I have never been scammed.

Honestly I think worrying about being scammed on Depop is much ado about nothing.


Because all you have to do is make sure your purchase your items in a legit manner so that you have buyer protection.

In order to prevent getting scammed on Depop you need to make sure you purchase via the app. This way you will have Depop protection. Also, if you pay via PayPal you will have there protection.

The most that will happen is that your money might be left in limbo a little while you get the issue resolved.  I will not negate the fact that if you do have an issue that its aggravating to even have to deal with that.

This is what I would do in order to prevent being scammed on Depop.

If the seller is established its easy check their reviews. If they are new, don’t be afraid to purchase we all had to start somewhere but perhaps check them out, message them or check out to see if they have Instagram and if they are cross selling on other platforms:  Poshmark, Mercari, etc and check out there reviews there.

Ultimately, any transaction can be a risk when you are dealing with individuals but I can tell you that Depop like monst companies take scams seriously, their reputation matters and being known as a platform for scamming is not good for business.

Known scammers will get shut down with the quickness!

Can you leave feedback for an unpaid item?

No at present time it does not appear you can leave feedback for an upaid item because in order to leave feedback their needs to be a “receipt” of payment. In essence, an actual transaction needs to occur of which you are rating for.

How do you mark as delivered on Depop?

It is easy to make an item as delivered with Depop and it can be done depending on how you ship.

If you ship with Depop (US only) and you use USPS, then when the item is scanned with USPS then it will start tracking and then it will be marked delivered automatically once the item is delivered. Also, UK has their in-app shipping service also and the receipt will show when the item is delivered.

Also, when I ship USPS on my own, without Depop label, I can put in a tracking number and Depop will show. I have never used Fed Ex or UPS so I do not know if tracking numbers will update like USPS. I do notice that the app simply says “add tracking” so I can only deduce that other shipping purveyors would generate tracking like USPS and other shpping entities.

How to leave feedback on Depop

How to leave a review on Depop without buying?

There doesn’t appear to be a way to leave a review on Depop without buying.  First, what would be the point? Being able to write a review on Depop without buying could potentially open up a can of worms regarding revenge feedback and bullying which is against Depop’s term and service.  

Depop feedback examples

Here are some true life examples of feed back I received that can serve as real life examples of how to do Depop feedback the right way!

How to delete someone’s review on Depop?

The first step for delete someones review on Depop is to see if the person who left the review can delete it that is the easiest step.  If a mutual understanding cannot be achieved then you can send proof of the situation and why you feel that it is unfair to Depop. However, feedback has to meet criteria of which Depop discusses in more detail here. 

Of course obvious feedback and the definite no-no’s like revenge feedback and racism, etc are no-go but simply not agreeing is not enough to pass muster for a deletion from Depop.

How to delete comments on Depop

It is easy to delete comments on Depop and here is the exact way to delete comments on Depop.

First go to the users Profile

Next go to Receipts and find the Purchased or Sold Item you are looking to delete feedback on

Next tap the Feedback you left

Then finally tap the screen in the top right hand corner to delete said feedback

Now you are done!

How to hide purchases on Depop

On Depop if a buyer gives you a review as a result of a purchase then your review will be visible to the public and the item you purchased will show as a part of the review.

In conclusion, determining how best to leave feedback on Depop is really a question of integrity!

Are you going to be straight up and honest and fair vs. revengeful and spiteful!

For the majority of Depop sellers I honestly think they work hard to give a quality product. I also believe that the majority of buyers are fair minded people. As a seller, I can honestly say that I’ve only have majority good experience with Depop feedback and I think that is a direct reflection of the quality of products and service I provide. When you put “good” out in the world “good” will come back!