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Selling on Poshmark or Depop without leaving your home may seem like a big step if you are used to selling with a little more freedom.

However, due to the current global crisis leaving your house maybe problematic or impossible for you.

Today, I will breakdown on how you can sale without leaving your home. 

Although the article is focusing on Poshmark and Depop and Corona honestly the majority of this advice is also applicable for Ebay, Etsy, Mercari etc.

So let’s dive in and get this thang going!

Tip #1: Shipping Safely from Home

With Depop and Corona or Poshmark, Etsy, Ebay, etc you can use USPS pickup service to get your shipments out. I normally would drop off my packages to the post office before or after hours due to my demanding work schedule.  At this time, there is almost no one in the lobby.   Most USPS lobbies stay open to the public even when the counter is closed.  If you preprint your label with Depop Poshmark, etc you can simply apply it to your package and drop it off.

Also, I’ve confirmed with my post office carrier that if I just put my packages into the mailbox, the ones that fit of course, she can mail them for me.  Also if the package is too big then just go online and set up for her to pickup

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Tip #2: Boost + Share Items

On Poshmark, I’ve gotten 2 offers last month in my closet, at the time, I hadn’t shared my closet in 72 days so that means the buyers had to go deep to find these items people. We all know that since people are home more they are doing more shopping right now. Just think if I got 2 offers when my items were that far in the feed imagine the offers you can be getting by sharing (on Poshmark) or bumping (on Depop) your items.

Tip #3: Package with TLC

Packaging with care can go a long way for customer satisfaction.  Due to the global crisis that is going on people pockets are strained.  For some, there is anxiety around spending not knowing what is to come.  So despite all that is going on and people are choosing to spend their money with you.  It Is important that you give them that little something “extra.”

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If you plan to package with gloves, then let your customer know any health precautions you are taking with packaging, as germs may stay on packaging for some time, to build trust in these uncertain times.

Tip #4: Add a Thankful Note

A kind note will go a long way especially when anxiety and uncertainty is high.  Again, like packaging, think about this out of all the places they could have given their money they choose your shop! 

A thank you note can go a long way.  You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money either.

<<<<Download a simple, but cute thank you card here>>>>

Tip #5: Keep Your Customer Informed

Keep informed let them know the process because there maybe more new shoppers who are testing Poshmark and Depop for the first time. Hedge their questions have a template ready for your customers.

Tip #6: Re-purpose Stale Inventory

Rather Poshmark or Depop and Corona, use this time to retake clothing and the duds that might have not been selling.

Tip #7: Attack the Death Pile

My death pile is on a chair right by my computer so I am forced to walk by it everyday.  It’s messing up my feng shui and is an eye sore.  However, I did this on purpose so I can get so uncomfortable that I would be forced to attack it.

And it worked one day my brain was so fried…

From my 70 hour work week….

Then extra 25 hours as a part-time teacher since the kids are at home…and their school thinks sending YouTube links is teaching…

Plus the endless meal cooking and meal prep…

I picked up my death pile and it was very soothing to have this task that took no brain power and no talking that I could do.

Tip #8: Source Online

Source from online, look for undervalued items online.

Sellers do this all the time on Ebay. Remember that’s how Sophia Ambroso started her empire buying low on eBay and then reselling high on eBay. Even now, people do this all the time.

You have to be keen on trends understanding what will sell fast and at enough of a profit margin to worth your time.

Consider buying bulk from another seller.

Especially right now, other sellers might cut deals to unload inventories for extra cash.

When searching look for keywords like: wholesale, bulk, discounted, bundles, bundling.

Also here is the Facebook group that is selling items at thrift store pricing for resellers you can check out!

Lastly, breath easy and relax. Positive thinking will go a long way. Come at this from a positive place and look for the solutions to sell as best you can.  Rather if you are figuring out Depop and Corona or Poshmark, Mercari, etc, remember after you get the sale, money right now is scarce for a lot of people so if they are choosing to spend it with your shop honor that choice by providing super supreme customer service.

We will get through this! 

I’m wishing that anyone who reads this post to have a safe and successful life and wishing you all the best in all your endeavors! 


how to sell on depop or poshmark from home