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I honestly thought about naming this article “How to survive selling on Poshmark without a printer” because truthfully when you don’t have a printer as a reseller you always feel like you are behind the eight ball.

I’ve been in your shoes when my printer stop working all of a sudden and today I will show you to sell seamlessly on Poshmark without a printer.

The simplest method to sell on Poshmark without a printer is to access all your possible resources to include the following most common ones available to most of us:

  • Printing at a family or friend’s house
  • Printing at work
  • Printing at school
  • Printing at shipping/printing companies

Since you do not have to use adhesive labels on your package you can print on a plain sheet of paper this makes outsourcing your printing needs on Poshmark a little easier.

Can you sell on Poshmark without a printer?

You can definitely sell on Poshmark without a printer. I didn’t have a printer for a bit because my printer klunked all of a sudden and I then I did not immediately replace it for several reasons.  One reason was that I calculated how much ink and paper costs and they were not much different than printing at my local library.

At the time, I was constantly at the library as a second home so it was not an inconvenience.

Where can I print my Poshmark label?

I will admit finding places to print in the current pandemic area might have changed depending on your geographic area. Printing a Poshmark label is no different than printing any other document that needs printing. 

So think about all the possible places you could print at in your local area and go pick it up.

Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Local Printing Service like Staples or a mom and pop version
  • Local Shipping Service like UPS or Fed Ex
  • Printing at School
  • Printing at Work (if your job is cool with it don’t risk getting fired for company misuse)

Printing at a friend or family member that has patience and is willing to support your hustle and won’t get tired of you asking or maybe reimburse them for costs per month.

If all that fails, than even in small towns there is typically at least one place you can pick up a printing document.

How to Print a Poshmark Label without a Printer

Once you have decided where you will print your label that will dictate how to print your label without a printer.

With Poshmark once the sale is complete you will get a congratulatory email from Poshmark with your shipping label attached.

Now all we have to do is figure out where to forward this label to get printed.


If you are still physically attending school and are not virtual, this is also a place you can  print. The school library or computer lab are potential print locations.


If you are printing at work you might not be able to get into your personal email account if your company has blocked you.  So you might have to forward the label to your work email address then print it from there. 

A lot of people are no longer physically at work or school due to the pandemic so let’s get into another possible method.


The public library does not have the filters that a lot of company emails do, so you simply just pull up your email account with the Poshmark label and pay for the printed copy. My library cost .10. Whenever I used the library printer I literally would have my package all set and ready to go and apply my label and then ship it right afterwards.


My local UPS actually has an email address that you can send in your stuff for printing for example you can send it to and then they charge like .15 per print.

Also, FedEx has similar service where you email [email protected] to email your document and print it.


All I did was send the document to hp email address and the documents would print when I sent the email. It was hands off for my mom, vesides having printer paper on hand.  I eventually decided to invest in a better printer that gave me wayyyy more yardage on my print to ink ratio.

How to Apply Poshmark Labels to Package with No Printer

I would apply the labels in one of two methods:

  • Applying tape-I used to do this back in the day but I’ve now upgraded to;
  • Shipping Label Envelopes

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