Figuring on how to send a private message on Poshmark can feel like a gigantean task due to Poshmark’s luddite messaging system that appears to be opposed to “direct messages.”

However today I will show the best method to employ to send a private message on Poshmark.

On Poshmark the best way to send a private message on Poshmark is via the bundle feature. It allows you a pseudo method of having communication with the other user. However, sending a private message via in this manner does still have some drawbacks mainly being that with a few extra efforts on another user your private message can be uncovered.

Are bundle comments private on Poshmark?

Many users believe that bundle comments are private on Poshmark but in reality they are not. The Poshmark app gives the appearance of privacy and you have to take a few extra steps to see the messages in bundle comment area but it can be done.

All you have to do to see any comments in a particular listing is to go to a users profile and press the three dots (…) in the top right hand corner

Poshmark private message

Then you will see a pop up box that says

@bundles from (users name)

Poshmark private message bundle

Once you click on the message and you can see all the various bundle conversations from different users as shown in the picture.

Poshmark private messages

So in summary bundle comments are definately not private but they have a level of thinly veiled privacy that doesn’t exist on the public listings.

Trust me I get it I don’t like commenting on the public listing and much rather deal with someone privately. It is for this reason that I still prefer Poshmark’s bundle feature for commenting privately because it is my best alternative at the moment.

Poshmark message