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A Depop bio are a very important but sometimes overlooked portion of Depop.

If you ever open up YET another social media/app type of account it sorts of feel like you are the new kid in school and you have to introduce yourself all over to a new audience, that can feel daunting. I feel you!

So today, I will breakdown whats the most important parts of a Depop bio so that you can rest at ease, it’s really simple to get this done, so let’s get into it!


If you are a seller, a Depop bio is a key component to your business. However, even as a buyer it’s your introduction to the Depop world also!


A good Depop bio is less about showing cute things like “I’m a Sagittarius” it’s not a Tinder Profile, it’s a selling bio. As such the Depop bio should be addressing “what are your shop policies?” People are not going to necessarily dig down for that information so you need to address the most important questions they may have upfront!

The majority of people who sell on Depop bios are a shortened version of our shop policies.


Here are some of the key things to include in your bio!

WARNING: Trust me you want to cover these items because if you do not you will get flooded with people asking the same questions over and over and over and over and over again.

Let them know if you ship internationally 

Trust me if you do not cover this they will contact you. I still get contacted by people asking if I would ship internationally (I just don’t…I have my reasons–it’s a long story for another day) but at least I can curtail some of the messages by having that I ship “US only” in my header.

depop bio example

Depop Bio Policy: Do you do trades or swaps?

On Depop it’s important that you address if you are doing any trades or swaps. This will help to prevent a lot of unnecessary messages. You will still get plenty of messages from people asking you if you will do a trade or clothing swap. I still get people who ask this question despite having this address on the listing and on my Depop bio, but this is the nature of the business.  Sometimes people just don’t see the “no trades” I have listed in my Depop bio and Depop shop listing. On the other hand, others just ignore it and want to see if I will make special consideration for them.

depop trades message

Sometimes people will ask because they rather “barter” then pay out money, however, if you do not want to trade just simply reiterate your stance in a respectful manner, because later that potential customer may decide to buy. This exact thing happen with this shirt. I listed it, it went on the Explore Page and I got a lot of interest. This person wanted to trade I stated “no” and a few days later we negotiated a price and she decided to purchase it.

depop vintage um shirt

Depop Bio: Policy on Returns/Exchanges

It is very important that you let a customer know this up front rather they can return or exchange an item.

Depop is a peer to peer app, that means that the shop owner sets the rules for returns/exchanges.

This is different than an app like Poshmark, wherein the company–Poshmark–sets the terms that it is a “final sale” platform.

A good majority of the Depop shop polices state that sales are final sale. However, there are some shop owners who will allow an exchange. In any case, this should be addressed on a Depop bio as well as a more detailed version should appear on the shop policies listing in your closet or Depop has a section under settings wherein you can set your shop policies as well!

Depop Offers

The most common question I get is negotiating on offers, which is fine with me. This means I am one step closer to a sale, YASSS!! If you are open to offers I would suggest you let them know in the bio, plus designate if you want them in a particular place.

For me, I only negotiate via DM and NOT COMMENTS! The reason is that some buyers maybe flaky and I’m not putting offers out on the comments. PERIOD!

As a result, you do not want to negotiate with Potential Buyer A who flakes out and it’s it the comments that you were willing to take a lower price because than Potential Buyer B will automatically want that lower price they saw in comments when you never know if Buyer B would buy outright. There are customers who do not like to negotiate and would much rather prefer to just purchase the item like they do on other e-commerce shops!

Depop Holds

You must address if you do Depop holds. If not, you will get a plethora of requests moreso on any higher priced items. If you are going to do Depop holds then its important that you have the guidelines listed in your shop policies page. I still get a lot of messages from people asking if I will do holds even though I have it listed I will not.

Shop Aesthetic

You can also list you shop aesthetic.

I don’t do this, because I have an eclectic mix of vintage. It would take too many characters and I figure a person can scroll through to check out my shop aesthetic. However, some sellers list this information and it may be better suited for people with “niche” shop items.

In conclusion, I hope you can see that the Depop Bio will help you with preventing some unnecessary messages.

However, at other times it won’t make a difference and people will still hit you up and you will be in your head like:


Still just reply politely reiterating your shop policy because remember that person still could be a potential customer.

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