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Do you wonder if becoming a Poshmark Ambassador will be the key to success on Poshmark?

If so, I want to give you the low down dirty truth rather becoming a Poshmark Ambassador will actually help you increase sales.

So let’s dive in and get right to it!

What are the Benefits of Being a Poshmark Ambassador?

According to Poshmark the benefits of being a Poshmark Ambassador are:

  • Get recommended to new poshers
  • Access to a newsletter
  • Get access to some opportunities

However, let’s dissect this a little. When accessing if it is a benefit its important to ascertain what is a benefit to you?

Benefits are often time a perception thing and perception is the key to a reality.

Let’s take a true real world example.

At one of my corporate jobs I had great benefits I never once worried about going to the doctor and having an outlandish bill however me and my family were rarely sick and that has been a great blessing.

Health is wealth!

However, at another job, my husband, who has probably been to the doctor three times in 20 years went to the hospital with chest pain fearing a heart attack and it was a $5,000 bill just to figure out it was stress related palpitations.

I have a co-worker whose husband needs medicine for her husband who has an illness from birth and our particular insurance program actually allows him to get his very expensive medicine at a lower cost. You see where I am getting at, what one person thinks is a benefit may not be a benefit for you.

Is Being a Poshmark Ambassador is Worth It?

So let’s get back to Poshmark, I personally think none of these benefits are no big deal.

I want you to understand, at one point, when I first starting Posh I was that gung-ho person, couldn’t wait to get a Poshmark ambassadorship and when I became one of my birthday I was like “yes these are the keys to the kingdom and selling success.”

However, that doesn’t really happen.

The benefit of getting recommending to new Poshers means nothing if they are not buying. 

Understand that the most important thing you can do on Poshmark is sharing to get your items to the top of the feed and so people can see your items.  Being recommended to new poshers are no big deal because people don’t typically purchase from the feed, they purchase from searching for what they want.

I am not saying the other benefits don’t matter, it’s just depends on your level of engagement with the platform.

I personally, don’t care about any of the member perks now if they said “If you are a Poshmark Ambassador we will update the algorithm so you can get more sales”

Ok Poshmark I see you and I am all over this, PERIOT!

Until then NEXT!

However, recently there has been one perk that many people have liked and that is Posh Affiliate program that recently introduced.

What Happens When you Become a Posh Ambassador?

Here are some of the things that happens when you become a posh ambassador that sets you apart from other Poshers is that you get more followers because you are recommended more.

Also, there will be other networking opportunities like the possibility of speaking at Posh events.

I actually was recruited to be a Poshmark Closet Consultant at my local Poshfest.

Also, it’s time to chat about the Poshmark Affiliate program mentioned earlier.

Now, many people like Poshmark Affiliate program and consider this an actual perk.


Because you actually get paid.

Otherwise, really being a Poshmark Ambassador just means you are promoting Poshmark and being a champion for Poshmark on the free free!

Do you Sell More as a Poshmark Ambassador?

There appears to be no correlation that you will sell more as a posh ambassador.

Please note, that this is not just my experience but there are countless forums and videos that detail this.  So much so, that some Poshers have opted out of being a Poshmark ambassador because they saw no value.

What you have to remember one of the most important thing on Poshmark is sharing and that has to do with how much work you wanna do. The more you share, the more your items are staying at the top of the shopping feed.

I will not say being in front of more people as a Poshmark Ambassador will not matter, however, remember most people are not shopping their followers tab.

They are looking and shopping by search.

How Much Can you Really Make on Poshmark?

Trying to determine how much money you can really make on Poshmark really depends on your hustle!

Sounds like a generic response, well so is that question. I see it all the time and I get it everyone wants to know this answer.

But really, how could anyone truly know?

However, one thing is for sure you must know your costs because if you want to make money you have to understand what your costs are because that will determine your profit margin.

With Poshmark fees being 20% for items over $15, and $2.95 flat free for sales under $15, you really have to watch your margins!

They are plenty Poshmark devotees that are making bank, they show you their sales on social media and Poshmark helps to pay their bills.

And you know what most of them have in common?

They devote time to the app. It’s a business, of procuring items at the lowest price they can find. Cleaning them (if thrifting) . Posting the item in the a professional manner. In order to make money on Poshmark you have to be prepared to cut deals like bundles and be prepared to make offers.

Also, sharing on a consistent basis is huge! Forget followers sharing matters most! Additionally, most successful resellers are not depending on just one platform that are also cross listing to other platforms like Ebay, Etsy, Depop, Mercari, etc.

At the end of the day, Poshmark buyers are looking for the best deal possible.

The lower you can get your item the better chance you have to make a profit.

Don’t bother posting stuff from Target or Forever 21 it is too generic.

Your best bet if thrifting is to know trends that have a high perceived value to allow you room for profit.

Ex. Madewell jeans

Or some sellers sell NWT and do retail arbitrage from Marshalls, Outlets, etc.

Asking how much money you will make on Poshmark is impossible to answer.


Because just because you see one person making “x” amount of dollars, doesn’t mean that same outcome will happen for you. The reality is that you cannot copy and paste someone else’s success and make it yours!

However, if you want to see how other Poshers are making money here are a few Poshers to check out:

What you will find is that all of these Poshers have a “process” that works for them. It is their unique selling proposition.

Sometimes “reselling” comes down to your work ethic mixed with the opportunity around you.

For example, some cities might be good for thrifting deals, others you may struggle to find good prices.

So what do you do?

Well in Solange Mina case she resells from outlets. Review these sellers but don’t get stuck on “well she does this but don’t wont work for me…etc etc.” Instead get creative and find a way to make it work for you!

Remember the key is to buy as low as possible a trendy item that you can build in your profit. That is true key to selling success!

Poshmark Ambassador Monthly Goals

Some people set monthly goals to match up to Poshmark ambassador progress status on your phone.

poshmark ambassador goals

Poshmark Ambassador Images

Some people wonder if they should bother putting a Poshmark Ambassador Image in their closet.  When the program first started and it was more novel people would wear their Poshmark Ambassador badge like a trophy.  However, overtime when more and more people were able to easily obtain the title the prestige sort of evaporated!

However, still people feel its important to increase seller confidence in a snap shot view of course they can always check your stats. It’s no difference from when the USDA puts stamp…or other certifications many professionals have.  It’s to show that you are not like the other folks you have an extra level of confidence by dealing with me.

How to Add Posh Ambassador to Name

Adding posh ambassador to your name, is easy to do.

Just go to Edit Profile > Name

I am not the biggest fan of it, however I like my aesthetic to look neat and clean.

I don’t’ see any purpose of crowded up my name.

Especially since Posh Ambassador is not what will bring people to purchase or make a buying decision.

Loves Notes Given by Poshmark Ambassador

In order to be a Poshmark ambassador you have to have a love note, if you look at your stats (see “My Posh Stats”) you will see a list of criteria you have to do.

In order to give a love note you must purchase something.  If its listed the criteria think about it as a check point then its necessary you cannot by pass it.

At the time I became a Poshmark ambassador in 2018, only one love note was needed.

If you need to check to see the most current then just go to “My Posh Stats.”

Here is my suggestion, if you are only purchasing on item on Poshmark for the love note then either get something super cheap and consider it the cost of doing business and marketing expense for you to become a Poshmark ambassador.

Or consider buying something you would normally get from the store and then it feels less like you are forced to buy something.

Posh Ambassador Banner & Poshmark Logo

Making a Poshmark banner and logo is so easy to do. There are all types of programs to make cool logos some like Canva. Here is a video also you can reference or you can always purchase one on Etsy as well!

How Long Does it Take to Become a Posh Ambassador

The determining factor of how long will it take to become a Poshmark Ambassador will depend on your ability to check mark their requirements.

Poshmark has exact requirements that you need to make under “My Posh stats.” So the length of time will depend on how long it takes you to complete these requirements.

Once you make those requirements when I became a Poshmark Ambassador, they emailed me within about 24 hours congratulating me.

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Poshmark Ambassador