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Even though Poshmark has been in the game since 2011, you may wonder is Poshmark reliable and can you really trust it?

With some many reddit comments about is Poshmark legit you may wonder should you even bother?

Today, I will break it down for you the good, the bad, and the trifling so you can make a informed decision.

So let’s get right into it!

Can a seller get scammed on Poshmark?

In essence anyone can get scammed on any platform including Poshmark and unfortunetly some sellers have reported getting scammed on Poshmark.

The reality about scams is that is often scamming is in the eye of the beholder whenever a transaction falls believe their level of standard.

Case in point, I notice when I sell vintage Levis cutoff jean shorts  on Poshmark that those customers typically try to put in a case saying I misrepresented the size of the item.

However, I put all the measurements like I do on all other platforms Depop, Etsy, etc but I never have customers trying to return due to size on these platforms–only Poshmark!

So the question of the day is “these buyers on Poshmark trying to return for not fitting are they scamming me?”

If Poshmark allows these customers an unwarranted a return than I feel scammed.

If Poshmark stands by the fact I did nothing wrong then the feeling of scamming stops because the moderator (Poshmark) has intervined.

They are a lot of sellers that currently feel that they are being scammed because when buyers cannot return due to fit or buyers remorse then sometimes they make up lies or just through diva fits to get their way.

<<<I talk more about the Poshmark case system and how they deal with returns in this article>>>

There have been stories about buyers claiming something came damaged and purposely damaging the item just to get a return.

Here is how I handle that, if an item is of significant value, I just take a video of how I shipped it until the item has been accepted and/or past the return phase on Poshmark.

Ultimately, its up to the moderator and Poshmarks moderating process is not consistent.

This system got many sellers like I hate Poshmark…uugh!

Don’t take my word for it check out this I hate Poshmark video!

What happens if I buy something fake on Poshmark?

If you buy something fake on Poshmark you can open up a case against the seller. 

Posh Protect is the Poshmarks buying guarantee that will protect your from “item is not authentic.” 

In order to receive this protection however you must act quickly because if no claim is made within 3 days of delivery the buyer will receive their payment.

If quaranting, being home to get review your packages might not be of issue. However, this is something to consider if you made a significant purchase that is under $500 and it doesn’t go thru Poshmark authentication services you might want to be around when the item is received.

Is Poshmark better than eBay?

So is Poshmark better than eBay with regard to fakes and authentication. Well eBay has recently piloted a authentication program also and since they have been in the business since like forever they saw fit to do so to increase confidence and hopefully sales. I do notice that Ebay states their authenticators are “independent” so it would be appear that they are not internal employees.

You can read about one user’s authentication with eBay experience here.

Is It Safe to Use Debit Card on Poshmark?

Poshmark is just as safe to use a debit or credit card as any other major retailer online. The transaction goes through Poshmark so the individual seller doesn’t know your financial information.

Is Poshmark Authentication Reliable?

Some buyers and sellers believe that Poshmark authentication may not be reliable. 

Poshmark reddit reviews and Is Poshmark legit reddit reviews reveal and other forums show that people have a concern that Poshmark are not consistent.

One of the most interesting reviews I saw was listed here, where one user claims that Poshmark authenticated a purse for her then she sold it to her sister who later sold it on Poshmark. Then Poshmark called the purse fake, despite the fact they previously authenticated it.

Now, granted this story cannot be validated. However, although I have never purchased anything worth authenticating on Poshmark I can tell you that I have had incosistent results on Poshmark moderation.

Case in point, my earlier story about the vinage levis shorts, I sold two similar pair two different customers tried to return due to fit, one moderator let the return happy the other sided with me.

So its possible that there could be some inconsistency.  I think Poshmark should have a little more transparency about who exactly these authenticators are instead of a broad statement online about “our team of luxury experts.”

Even the The Real Real who specialize in authentication as a core part of their business model has been getting in trouble for improper authentication.

No company is infallible, however, this authentication is too important of a service to get wrong it has to begin with trust.

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All in all, Poshmark is a reliable company. They wouldn’t have survived this long it they allowed large scale scamming. Are they some things that fall through the cracks? Sure, but that is true for any business, if enough transactions occur there will be complaints and reviews. It’s silly to think otherwise. At the end of the day, big companies like Poshmark have a safety net that attempts to provide some protection. Now its up to you if you wanna go forth!

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