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Are you trying to figure out how to work Poshmark Closet Clear out to make more money on Poshmark, well stay tuned for the dish on how to navigate this process.

Poshmark Poshmark Clear Out is a promotional tool from Poshmark that sellers can use to make more sells. Additionally, buyers benefit because they get a better price of the item plus better shipping.  Poshmark Closet Clear Out has been around several years and has been a very successful tool for sellers to move stale inventory out of their closet while also making money.

How does Closet Clear Out work on Poshmark? 

Closet Clear Out is when Poshmark will foot the discounted shipping cost for a seller if they drop the price. With this marketing promotion Poshmark hopes that the seller will be able to sell more items and the discounted shipping will help sweeten the deal for the buyer.

Sometimes people like your items and forget about it, whereas others are just waiting to see what you are going to do,,will you discount it…everybody doesn’t enjoy hagglign and making offers.

Once the buyer discounts the item by at least 10% of the lowest historical price then the person who liked the item will get a notification that looks like this:

Many sellers are doing very well with this promotion. They often time will price their items ahead of time in anticipation of the sale. In actuality it is no different than what most people do on Poshmark they price up in anticipation of negotiating.


How often does Poshmark do Closet Clear Out?

Originally Poshmark didn’t offer this as much so it was easier to keep a track of as a seller if your dropped the price, but now it is harder to keep up with.

As of now, I have noticed that Poshmark has been doing Poshmark quite often sometimes

This can affect you as as seller because you may keep dropping and then you forget what the price is if you need to raise back up if no one buys becaue remember you only dropped it for the sale right?


Its like a flash sale.

So here is a method that people are calling the Becky Park Method on Poshmark:

I will provide a quick summary but please do check her out for more tips and tricks!

Instead of just blindly dropping prices do it in a methodical manner for customers who are really interested.

Send an individual message you can make a quick template Becky mentions something like:

Then go to them indiviudally and once you have garnered there interest then close the deal

This is more hands on and customer centric approach that Poshmark likes. Poshmark is real big about communicating on an invidual level. However, I will be the first to amount that this does add a level of more active selling that I am just not about at this point in my life.  I am all about set it and forget it (well you can really truely be passive on Poshmark or Depop because you have to constantly update your listings).


But this is not about me, it’s about you and you need to know that in order to be successful on Poshmark period and especially to try to cut through the noise of all the other sellers that are cutting prices you have to stand out in a crowded room.


That is what makes this method so good, plus also Becky has some a cool hack of how to do this method quickly and easily with keyboard shortcuts and of course the template I mentioned above.

One thing to note, customers can still potentially see your bundle messages so just make sure to put a number you can live with later. 

Why do I say that?

 negotiation reseller reselling




Honestly, it bees like that…some days I will take “x” amount other days “naw” I am good!

We have all been there its back to school or its Christmas and you are willing to take a lower offer today that you would have never even considered any other time.

However, I think this is a luxury I have as a part-time reseller, this is my side hustle I can imagine if I had to depend on this for  full-time income well it is okay to negotiate in a formalized manner that helps you keep your profit margins at a certain level.


Should you re-raise the price during Poshmark Closet Clear Out?


You will not see any benefit for re-raising the price during Poshmark’s Closet Clear Out.


Cause…cause…Poshmark will only give the discounted shipping notification to your potential buyer if

The price is dropped by 10% of the historically lowest price.  Here is something else I can tell you. Since Poshmark initiated offers to likers that more Poshmark peeps are liking with intent.  To see if you will make them offer on your own or during the time of Closet cldear Out. As such, many are watching the prices.  Not everyone wants to negotiate some people are waiting to see what you as the seller will do.

Feel free to re-raise it afterwards.


Re-Listing and Closet Clear Out! 

I’ve been there…I kind of want something but it’s not like I have to have it but at the right price and discounted shipping I may take it.

Think about it, if you haven’t sold it now…wouldn’t it be better to try one last ditch effort to see if any of the peeps who actually liked it would take it.

Always remember the old saying “don’t step over dollars to pick up pennies”

If you decide to relist just remember that you will have to gather more likes in order to do Closet Clear Out so do account for that when deciding if you want to raise the price back up with a new listing so that you can discount it later.


Sharing during Poshmark Closet Clear Out

Now it becomes very important that you get your sharing finger out especially during Closet Clear Out.  I would start sharing to get my closet with as many likes as possible.

Fresh likes are good because its top of mind for the customer and they just

Talk bout how counter offers lose the discounted shipping!


Closet Clear Out vs Offers to Likers

Closet Clear out is a promotion when Poshmark is willing to send a message to people who have liked your items and pay for the discounted shipping when you drop the price of your item to at least 10% below its historical price.

On the other hand:

Offers to Likers is when the seller drops the price by at least 10% of your lowest offer within 90 days and they will get a notification. The offer will expire after 24 hours.

In either case, if the potential buyer counter offers they will forfeit their shipping discount that was offered to the.



The main differences between Closet Clear Out vs Offers to Likers are the following:



  • Closet Clear Out Poshmark pays free shipping
  • Offers to Likers the Buyers pays the discounted or free shipping



  • Closet Clear Out happens a few times a week
  • Offers to Likers happens whenever you want it to


There are so many people who have success on Closet Clear Out I do think the more merchandise you have the easier it is to get more sales during Poshmark Closet Clear Out.  Often times it’s just a numbers game you put enough offers across enough items and you odds increase. 


Ultimately, it is about taking in the different tricks and hacks that are being shared online and then try to see what works best for you and your closet!