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I think you will agree with me that Poshmark shipping can be a little high for certain items.

Today we will get into Poshmark shipping prices and how to manage the pricing on Poshmark so it can work for you.

Can you lower shipping on Poshmark?

Yes, you can lower shipping on Poshmark to $4.99 with Poshmark’s “make offer to likers” feature.

So if you are wondering how to offer $4.99 shipping on Poshmark, making an offer to likers in the simpliest way!

Why are Poshmark fees so high?

Many resellers feel that Poshmark fees are too high, but before we jump to conclusion let’s check out what you are getting with Poshmark fees.

Here is the Poshmark fee breakdown

  • 20% flat rate for items over $15
  • $2.95 flat rate for items less than $15
  • Free credit card processing
  • Sales tax is taken care of in the background
  • Free pre-paid label

Lets examine this a little more.


When it comes to Poshmark fees 20% may seem a little steep, however I can tell you that once you start breaking down the additional credit card processing and transaction fees that exist on platforms like Etsy and Ebay that 20% fee might not be as bad as you think. Additionally, I love that when you sell on Poshmark you get the label automatically sent to you and it’s a flat rate that the seller pays, you don’t even have to think about it.

I can just print the label and package.

On the contrary, with platforms like eBay and Etsy you have to decide which vendor (Fed Ex, UPS, USPS).

Additionally, shipping rates are based on territory, so shipping costs might be higher in one part of the US vs. another.

For example, I live in the Eastern United States and if I ship to California my customers shipping rates are higher and if I choose to offer free shipping they are higher for me.

In a world full of complications, sometimes being able to press the “easy” button on shipping and flat rate pricing is what you need in your life!

Did Poshmark raise shipping 2020?

Poshmark increased their shipping rate from $6.79 to $7.11 as of February 20, 2020.

Who pays for extra shipping on Poshmark?

Unless otherwise pre-arranged than the standard sell for Poshmark is that the buyer pays for shipping, however when there is extra shipping charges on Poshmark than a seller will pay for the shipping for packages that weigh over 5 lbs.  The standard shipping label with Poshmark covers sells up to 5 lbs.

Why is Poshmark shipping so cheap?

Poshmark can actually be cheap for shipping in certain circumstances.


Because Poshmark allows you to up to 5 lbs in a flat rate priority box for $7.11.  Now, if you are only purchasing a pair of earrings then like “seriously Poshmark can you give a sistah a break?”

Can I please just get a first class pricing label, just this once?

So in those circumstances Poshmark shipping seems a bit high and expensive.

However, if you want to purchase like three pair of jeans and two tops not so much.

I can honestly tell you that last year I swallowed $22 shipping on eBay for a bulk purchase that weighed right around 5 lbs.  You know I checked to see if the seller was on Poshmark before making the purchase on eBay.

No, I didn’t message them or try to see if they would allow an off-line purchase.  I believe in proper on long dealings that are within the terms and conditions of the platform, no funny business that will get me banned.

Poshmark shipping cost over 5 pounds

Here are is a chart showing how much Poshmark shipping cost for when a package is over 5 lbs.

Package WeightLabel upgrade fee for Sellers
Up to 5 poundsFree
6 pounds$3.99
7 pounds$7.98
8 pounds$11.97
9 pounds$15.96
10 pounds$19.95

The maximum you can ship with Poshmark is 10 lbs. Poshmark labels only support up to 10 lbs maximum.

How to offer $4.99 shipping on Poshmark

You can offer reduced shipping on Poshmark by

  • Bundling
  • Offers to Likers

Here is a breakdown of each option.

When you or a customer bundles on Poshmark you can offer reduced $4.99 shipping.

When you submit an offer to likers you can also have an option to reduced $4.99 shipping.

How to offer free shipping on Poshmark

You can offer free shipping on Poshmark with offers to likers. If you offer at least 10% off to customers who have liked your shop’s item then you can send them a discounted offer and offer them free shipping.

free shipping

Why is Poshmark so expensive?

Poshmark may seem expensive instead of “cheap” for many people because they lack tiered shipping!

The cool thing about Poshmark is that you pay $7.11 for a 5 lb label. That is good if you are buying several items or a heavy item. It’s not good if all you want is a pair of earrings. Unfortunetly,, Poshmark only has priortiy labels and their is not first class label so that is why many feel like Poshmark is too expensive when it comes to shipping.

Who pays shipping on Poshmark

The seller pays for shipping on Poshmark, unless the buyer decides to offer free shipping.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I do not think Poshmark shipping is that high overall. I know it may seem that way for smaller purchases. However, USPS is constantly increasing on other platforms I sell on also: Depop, Etsy etc. So all in all, realize their are pros and cons with all platforms.

I feel there is a competitive advantage with Poshmark shipping in that they have a flat rate that allows up to 5 lbs and so that makes the shipping not to be so high after all!

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