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Are you wondering if modeling for Poshmark will increase your sales?

Or are you concerned that Poshmark modeling it is a waste of time?

Well, I do both, some of the clothing I sell is modeled and other times I won’t model the clothes.

Today, I will give you a full review of some of the pros and cons of modeling and also some selling tips to make sure you can make the best decision for what’s right for you and your business so that you can make the most out of the Poshmark app.

What does ‘no modeling’ mean on Poshmark?

One of the first things I want to go over is what does no modeling mean on Poshmark to clarify what it is and its origins on Poshmark because there seems to be a lot of agitation over this.

No modeling on Poshmark means that the seller is not going to “model” or try on the clothes for the potential buyer.  Also, that means that the seller will not have someone else try it on or model the item either.  The seller has provided the pictures that are shown, so all else remaining equal the buying decision will have to be made with the pictures as represented.

Poshmark: Can you Model? [Dealing with Creeps]

Let’s get the drama out first thing so we can move on from it.

There are creeps and scammers everywhere!

Can we all nod our head in agreement!!!

But you are a ‘BOSSSSS’ so you have to just manage the process.

You have to decide if creeps will run you out of your business and your money.

So yes, you may have someone asking for unnecessary pictures so that they can get some pictures of you, but the power lies within you to either respond or not respond.

How to Deal with Someone Being Creepy on Poshmark

Remember the block button exists for a reason don’t be afraid to use it. I’ve blocked plenty of haters and creeps across several of the apps I am selling on. Honestly, I am not going to give away my precious energy to trolls…cancel them out from your existence and keep it moving!

Don’t let anyone get in the way of you and making your dollar, report anyone who is harrasing you so that the situation can be taken care of on a higher level.

Most platforms have  a zero tolerance because over the years they realize the ramifications that these scammers and creepy buyers stories can reck havoc on their public image. For example like this journalist here is an article wherein a journalist discusses her run in with a creepy buyer on Poshmark.

Should you ask a Poshmark Seller to Model?

As a buyer, I get it you want to see the fit before you purchase and so you are probably wondering if you can just get a try-on just this once.

I can’t tell you rather a seller will do a try-on or not, but first I say before you ask:

Did you read their shop policies or listing did you see if the buyer has a stance regarding Poshmark modeling?

It is not uncommon for you to see signs in some Poshers closet like:

“I don’t model, don’t even ask”

It is because they have been asked so many times that is gets annoying.

Reasons why Poshmark Sellers don’t Model

There are probably so many reasons that a person is not willing to model or to provide modeling pictures,  I know I have mine of which we will delve into in a bit.

Every seller has their standard of what they are willing to do for a sale.

Often time sellers don’t like to provide additional modeling pictures because it is time consuming to get an item out of storage when they have already posted the pictures.

Also, there are a lot of flaky buyers who will ask a seller for Poshmark modeling pictures and then as soon as pictures are provided they never hear from them again.

You may think it’s the cost of doing business, however, at some point it becomes the definition of insanity to do something over and over again and expect a different result.

Also, some of the things we are asked to model doesn’t even make sense to model.

TRUE STORY:  I am a ladies size. Someone asked me to model a mens 4XL oversized shirt what is the point?? I mean really its going to be oversized on me, for shirt that I had for a few dollars on clearance. I am not going to dig through my storage bin and unpackage it, bring out the selfie stick to provide that pic. That’s a hard pass!

Poshmark Modeling: Pros and Cons

There’s a reason why online retailers have models showcasing their outfits they are trying to sale.

They give “orientation” to the design, showing how the outfit could possibly look on.

Additionally, they will show the model’s height and measurements so that you can see how the outfit fits relative to the models stats.

The problem with this however, is that most clothing that is modeled is not on a variety of shapes.

So a lot of shoppers are still left with the question:

“Will this fit me?”

The same concerns a shopper has shopping online at Nordstroms Rack or Urban Outfitters will also exist for your Poshmark store.

Now that we have some insight as to why the “can you model” Poshmark question exists  let’s dive into how to deal with it and some of the pros and cons.

Pros of  Poshmark Modeling

Although not a perfect process Poshmark modeling can provide a reference point for how the garment will fit.  Even if the model is not the size/proportion of the intended  buyer you can still see how snug, flowy, flexible, etc the fabric is. This is why you will often see the measurements of the model given so you can get a feel for the fit relative to the model height and measurements.

For pants, modeling can help determine if it’s the right length for you. If you know the model’s height measurement you can get a feel for how it could possibly look on you. For example,  will the pants be ankle length, capri, etc. 

Of course you can always go by the inseam but again people like to see the relativity and like to have a base line to compare to.

I can tell you from experience from selling a lot of jeans that buying online especially on a final sale platform like Poshmark, fit is an important concern.

If the buyer doesn’t get fit right–they are out of money.

Remember that…the next time you eye roll the customer who asks the “can you model” question on Poshmark!

Cons of Poshmark Modeling

At first you may feel like its fun and you get to play dress up but it can get tiring and feel more like work.  I think this depends on the person. 

Playing dress up may feel like “an escape”, but for me it just became work.

Which is kind of ironic because I live to dress up!

However, soon taking pictures became a chore– just another thing I have to do–juxtaposed to the plethora of things I have to do admist my demanding corporate job and family life.

Since Poshmark is just a part-time hustle that I am doing on the side, it has to be put into its place.

For me that’s streamlining and only modeling when necessary.

I will go into the details of when I think it’s necessary to do Poshmark modeling, so just stay tuned!

If you have a mixed closet like me where I model some things and I don’t model other items that might increase the “can you model” Poshmark question because they customer doesn’t understand why I model some things and not others (again I will go into detail about this…there is a reason for this!)

Does Poshmark modeling increase sales?

I do believe the modeling for Poshmark does increase sales in certain circumstances.

Modeling pictures for Poshmark can be very  consuming and  if I’m going to model for Poshhmark it’s generally because the item is higher priced.

Otherwise lower priced items are typically flat layed or photographed on a hanger.

However, generally speaking I will only model my higher priced items.

Also, there is very important thing to note:

I am not really modeling my clothing solely for Poshmark.

Additionally, I am modeling for Depop, Etsy, eBay, etc.

To me, since I have multiple platforms I maybe crosslisting to, I don’t consider Poshmark modeling a waste of time if it is for the right item.

The only exception for me, is that I don’t typically like to model shorts.

I do feel that my jeans sell faster when they are modeled. When I don’t model jeans even at a discounted rate they tend to sit longer.  I can tell you a few times wherein I didn’t model a jean in the beginning just because they might have not fit me right because they were too big or too small and then I get like another one in a different size down the line, and I am able to fit and provide a try on picture and I get it sold finally!!!

When does Poshmark Modeling Matter?

It has happened to me several times, so based on my total experience I belive modeling matters for increasing sales for the following:

  • Higher priced items where fit maybe hard to judge (i.e. jeans)

Items I don’t tend to have problems selling without modeling pictures are:

Shorts (easier to fit, more about the waist and rise vs. pant leg, inseam, etc)

  • Sweatshirts
  • Jackets
  • T-Shirts
  • Crop Tops
  • Dresses–If there are good stock pictures available!

However you have to decide on the cost benefit analysis.

Does the cost outweigh the benefit for Poshmark modeling?

Besides the cost of goods sold [cost of your item you are trying to resell], your time is one of the biggest costs you should be taking in account when determining if modeling clothes for Poshmark is worth it!

In the beginning when I first started I modeled a lot of things, now I try to find stock photos when I can and then mostly model pants for the most part. Then I flat lay a good portion of my items. I actually purchased a headless mannequin for like $7 at GoodWill. It wasn’t in perfect condition but usable but honestly, its so heavy and clunky I only use it for higher priced items.

Is it just me or are mannequins sometimes a little creepy?

So that is an option to use a mannequin for modeling your Poshmark clothing as well!

Should you hire a model to model your clothes on Poshmark?

poshmark modeling

I don’t think you should incur the cost of hiring a Poshmark model unless your business supports that expense.

There are some bigger sellers that are using models, however, they are many sellers who are killing it on Poshmark with stock photos and flat lays. 

Before hiring a model, I would consider who in your orbit might be able to help you.

For example, I was a closet consultant at a Poshmark event and I was reviewing someone’s closet and I noticed they had bad pictures. I came to find out this person was a mom of five daughters. I was like “get them older girls to do it for you!” They are the selfie generation and love taking pictures, and she already had one daugher who appeared to be modeling.  I gave her some posing and lighting tips and said “go forth.”

Moral of the story, use the resources you have.

But I am not a big fun of incurring costs, please note I have sold plenty of things with no modeling including higher priced stuff and stuff that isn’t my size so I can’t model it!

Please is okay not to model!

Model when you can…and if you can’t keep it moving!

Why some sellers do not model clothes on Poshmark?

One reason people are not ok with modeling is that they don’t like to show off their bodies even if they do not show their faces, everyone is different.

Even if they do show off their bodies, they may need the feel to “touch it up” with airbrushing effects, etc which leads to more time spent editing photos instead of just taking a picture of a shirt on a hanger and posting it.

Additonally, some sellers feel like Poshmark modeling can be a waste of time.

A lot of sellers do not like the question “can you model” and find it annoying and they feel several different types of way.

They feel that buyers wouldn’t have the opportunity to ask Nordstrom that question so why you asking me?

How to handle Poshmark modeling like a boss!

With Poshmark you have to set your quality standards and you kind of have to stick to that there may be some customers who try to pull you into their vortex of messiness and don’t you stand for it!

See my full review of Poshmark for more information about keeping your business in check with no drama. 

For Poshmark this can be very tricky but the effort is worth it.

You have to make sure that modeling does not interfere with your ability to run your business effectively. Poshmark is already known as a time consuming app. If you don’t stay on top of modeling then it can overtake your business to a point where other things are not getting done or worse you have a death pile growing because you don’t feel like modeling today!

Have your standards for Poshmark Modeling

These are my standards for Poshmark modeling and resellng in general.

I do not provide additional modeling pictures. Once I post the pictures that’s it. I am not revisiting it.

However, note, in the beginning when I was new to the app, I might have taken some “additonal pictures” when I wasn’t for sure what customers were looking for.

However, now I am pretty familiar so what you see is what you get.

The time and energy it takes to pull out the item that might be in storage is not worth it to me.

TRUE STORY: One time this Poshmark potential buyer asked me to model a shoe. I had just completed “Baby Feet” so my feel looked full on gross, they were peeling, etc. I kindly told her my feet were in no condition to be photographed. No Poshmark modeling, no try ons SIS!

Top Tips for Poshmark Modeling

  • Take the entire length of an item for example “do not cut off the pant leg”
  • Provide a close up on flaws, so they can see if it affects the overall look
  • Provide at least one zommed out picture on how it looks on the model full length

How to deal: The Can you model Poshmark question is so annoying!

Trust me I get this, remember I am selling part-time. Please note, that I am speaking on this blog directly, however, whenever I tell a person “no I cannot do something”

I am not mean!

I often time will make a light hearted joke when possible (like I did with the baby feet situation I told her something like my feet look like Freddy Kruegar so I cant do a try on right now).

But if that’s not your style, remember you are to always run your shop with integrity and be respectful with someone even if you do find their request annoying, getting requests is a cost of doing business and you’ve got to Boss up to that fact!

Remember what we talked about earlier Poshmark is a final sale platform and people are spending their hard earned money–and you know in this economy we are working harder than ever for every dollar.

Just remember every time that you want to get annoyed with the “can you model” Poshmark question that a potential customer could be spending it a thousand places but they are considering you!

Here are my suggestions on how to handle your shop if you are going to model vs. you are not going to Poshmark model:


Of course make sure your pictures have good lightening and the clothes look presentable.

Have a general guideline of when you are going to model pictures.

  • For example will you model everything or just certain items?
  • If a customer asks you for additional pictures, make sure you reply tactfully if you will or will not provide them.
  • If you are modeling and don’t want to be identified, crop out your face
  • Do not use filters to distort coloring, present the item as is
  • Blur out background things you don’t want to be shown

PRO TIP: Make sure to lists the measurements in the posting of the model. If you don’t list them I PROMISE YOU…someone will ask for them!  (see below example)


  • Make sure to list in your shop descriptions that modeling–I would separate this from the rest of the listing so its clear to the customer in a different paragraph.
  • Have a template response ready for when you get pictures requests, I keep template responses for every common question I get to help streamline my Poshmark shop right on my phone.
  • Keep in mind that just because someone requested a picture doesn’t mean they will not buy without a picture, so stay courteous throughout the process.
  • Do not use filters to distort coloring, present the item as is
  • Since a customer cannot judge a garments fit with clothing that is not modeled, it will be even more important for you to provide detailed measurements.

PRO TIP: Consider providing shoe measurements instead of foot modeling to help alleviate some of the concern in the buyers mind over will it fit!

The key takeway is that the can you model for Poshmark question will continue to exist and honestly it is promoted right in Poshmark’s community guidelines so it is not going anywhere. 

So basically the Poshmark “can you model” question ain’t going nowhere!

The best you can do is decide if you are going to do Poshmark modeling or not FOR YOU!

Trust, rather you do or do not do Poshmark modeling you will feel a whole lot better once you take a stance. 

Keep in mind guidelines are fluid– you may choose not to provide modeling pictures today and then when your Poshmark shop blows up you may decide to hire your cousin to model for you!

Start at where you are at and go forth and make that money until it starts making itself!!!

If you want to check Poshmark out to see if it’s right fit for you then here is my shameless plug to sign up!

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