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So you made the sale but now you’ve got to figure out Poshmark packaging and how to get your sale out the door!

Well congrats on your sale but now its time to get to work because although packaging with Poshmark is simple you have to be quick about it so let’s dive right into how you can get that package out today!

In this Poshmark Packaging post:

Can you use poly mailers on Poshmark?

Poshmark box size limit?

Poshmark shipping fees?

What boxes do you use for Poshmark?

Can I use flat rate boxes for Poshmark?

Poshmark shipping problems?

Can I ship Poshmark in a bag?

How shipping works on Poshmark?

How do you package shoes on Poshmark?

Can you use poly mailers on Poshmark?

Yes you can use polymailers on Poshmark, however the more important question is why would you want to use polymailers on Poshmark?

Are you using polymailers because they are cute?

Admittedly poly mailers are so simple to package, cute, and add to your aesthetic with not much extra work to beautify your packaging.  However, I am firm believer in not increasing my costs unnecessarily.

This is why I don’t use polymailers on Poshmark because it’s a cost burden I do not have to bear.


Because Poshmark packaging materials are free. YaY!

Poshmark only uses USPS shipping, and priority package materials are free.  Simply go to to order your supplies and if you want tape call 1-800-275-8777.

poshmark usps post office drop box
The box can’t go in…

When ordering tape please make note that you must tell the customer service representative that you will only use the tape for boxes that are not marked priority, like the regular brown boxes, etc.  Just trust me on this one!

TRUTH MOMENT: Recently, I have been using polymailers a few times even when I could use priority in rare circumstances.

This is why, there are a few USPS locations on my work commute route and even a drop off box around the corner from my job and they all have a tiny slot of which I unfortunately can’t fit a “priority box” into.So I do the cost benefit analysis of the gas vs. effort to go somewhere else and to me if its not worth it and I just need to get the package out then I have occasionally used a poly mailer.  I have them on hand anyway because they are needed for the other platforms I resale on.


Do you want to sell on Poshmark but don’t have the time?

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Poshmark Packaging: box size limit

There is a Poshmark box size limit that unfortunately I was not aware of until I tried to ship these silver boots (I am actually starting to low key regret selling these boots) as I am posting this. Yay they hurt, but they are bad, in all their Superwoman glory!

LTS…I tried to ship in a larger box because I didn’t want these silver boots to crease then they were returned back to me when I went out of town.

When I came back I found out that I couldn’t ship with the current priority label due to the dimensions.

Even though I fixed the situation it was a big mess.  

silver boots poshmark

Part of it was my fault

Part of it was USPS’s fault

I purposedly dropped off the boots at the counter to make sure everything was okay, if it was not then the post office worker in my opinion shouldn’t have accepted the package. USPS still tried to make me pay over the limit even when I condensed the boots into an approved priority package.

Here is the takeaway you need to know:

Priority packages length plus girth should not exceed 108″

Here is a helpful guide on how to calculate package dimensions.

You can’t always count on USPS personnel regarding accurate shipping information, know  the relevant shipping information that affects you and your ability to do business on Poshmark.

If geometry was not your best subject and you need help calculating that here is a calculator. So get out your measurement tape and get that package sent sis [or bro]!

Besides the box limit there is also a shipping limit for weight after 5lbs you will have to upgrade to a different shipping label on Poshmark.

Poshmark Shipping Fees?

The buyer is responsible for shipping fees unless the seller decides to take care of shipping fees out of their earnings with a promotion like the “Make a Deal” offer, etc.

Shipping is $6.79.

You can offer a shipping discount of $4.99 by making an offer to likers or even free shipping, however the standard pricing without any discounting is $6.79.

What boxes do you use for Poshmark?

The wonderful thing about Poshmark is that you can use their priority shipping boxes, which means that you don’t have to pay for boxes.  What’s better is that you can order your supplies online and they will deliver them right to your door.

PRO TIP:  Make sure that whenever you are running low to reorder to give yourself enough lead time to get your boxes on time, sometimes they come quick and sometimes they are not.

Can I use flat rate boxes for Poshmark?

Yes, you can use flat rate boxes for Poshmark packaging. Unfortunately, I’ve seen inconsistent information that you can’t. However, it is right on the Poshmark site that discusses your ability to use priority boxes and the types you can use.

Poshmark Shipping Problems

Poshmark has a company standard that you are supposed to ship your packages within 2 days.  This can turn into shipping problems if you do not get your order out because a seller has the ability to cancel an order after 7 days of the item not being shipped.  By the 21st day, Poshmark will automatically cancel an item that remains unshipped.

In regards to other Poshmark shpping problems, sometimes USPS can take some time to update the app when you ship an item, but be patient.

Poshmark Item Damaged in Shipment

Unfortunately some unscrupulous buyers will damage items they receive in order to receive a return.  In order to avoid this I would suggest “video recording” shipments if necessary and if this is a concern.

Ultimately, if you packaged it correctly and it was damaged in the shipment, then you should be able to make a claim with USPS.

Can I ship a Poshmark item in a bag?

“Can I ship my poshmark item in a bag?” is a question a lot of beginning Poshmark sellers have.

poshmark packaging

So we don’t get caught up in semantics, what bag is the question?

Are we referring to a ziploc bag?

Then yes you can and should protect your Poshmark item with a ziploc or polybag so that is protected from the environmental elements in case the box you shipped it in gets damaged. However, then that item preferably should be placed in a priority box before shipping.

Or are you referring to a plastic bag?

Like the one you get from your Forever 21 haul.  So people, including me, have recycled bags like these and repurposed them as polymailers/polybags.  Honestly, I haven’t done this on Poshmark but I have done this on Depop.

But all in all, you can ship “poshmark [items] in a bag” however, you just have to make sure your properly protect your item.

Priority shipping offers you free padded envelopes that maybe able to fit the bill for smaller stuff you would normally put into a polymailer.

How Shipping Works on Poshmark?

In general shipping on Poshmark means the following:

  • The buyer pays the shipping on the item they want
  • Shipping is $6.79 for Priority Shipping for up to 5lbs
  • If it is over that amount you need to upgrade your label/pay the amount
  • You get a sale notification on Poshmark your label is already attached to that email
  • You print it out and attach it to your package
  • Poshmark has a company standard for a seller to ship within 2 days

How do you package shoes on Poshmark?

The best way to package shoes on Poshmark is to use the free priority shipping box.

In some rare cases, when a customer is buying a high end shoe, like spending $70+ I may include a clear plastic box that I’ve already have the kind you get at the Dollar Tree.

But more often I just do the following, it might not be the prettiest packaging, but it’s functional and most customers care that their shoes do not come damaged.

This is how I package shoes on Poshmark to arrive safely to the customer:

  • Place shoes in a clear plastic bag (left over ones from the grocery store will do)
  • The reason for this is that I don’t want the shoes to scuff and make marks from their heels.
  • Additionally, I save and keep bubble wrap from online packages I get and I ask family members to give me their left overs as well.
  • Note: Depending on the shoes I may put them into a bigger clear poly bag or ziploc bag like is shown above.
  • I use the recycled bubble wrap to make a barrier inside of the box so the shoes are not bouncing around (in case of rough handling) and they are taut inside.
  • Next I tape the box and ship.

When it comes to Poshmark packaging and shipping the most important thing to remember is to ship timely, protect your package, and have proof of shipment. Doing things this way will help to make the process easier for you so you can make that money until it starts making itself!

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