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Today I want to go over some Poshmark photo tips to help you get your Poshmark business in the right direction.

I will give you Poshmark photo tips that actually work and do not take forever to do.

Because ain’t nobody got time to be spending all day taking pics for their shop!

So let’s dive in and get to the bottom of how to take good photography for your Poshmark closet.

How do you take good pictures on Poshmark?

The fundamentals of taking a good picture on Poshmark are:

  • Use good lighting
  • Use a good background
  • Arrange your items neatly
  • Show the item completely
  • Photograph any flaws

Out of all the Poshmark photo tips indeed one of the most important tips is to have good lighting.

Good listening is definitely one of the most important aspects of having good photography on Poshmark.  When I was a closet consultant at a Posh Fest event one of the most common mistakes I saw when reviewing closets was bad photography due to bad lightening.

If you want to know how to take good pictures on Poshmark, pay attention to the cover photos Poshmark is using for their Posh Market and Posh Party invites. Also, look at the host picks.

Why, review the host picks?

Host picks are what other users find aesthetically pleasing and if they find the item good looking chances are other buyers will too!

You will notice the following when you look at these Poshmark photos on Posh Market, Posh Party invites, and host picks:

  • The items look clean
  • The items are neat
  • The items have good lightening

How do you stage photos on Poshmark?

The best way to stage photos on Poshmark is to make sure your item is neat looking and has a decent looking background.

As far as Poshmark photo tips go, when you flat lay photos for Poshmark make sure the items are iron or steam pressed.  Honestly, I am lazy when it comes to this part and I often will just throw my them in the dryer which can help to release some wrinkles.

vintage white cowboy boots

Since staging takes time to be more efficient I like to photograph my items in bulk.

When I want a crisp e-commerce look like Nordstroms, I use a white back ground.

Other times for a background I will use grass because well its so freaky convenient. However, the struggle is real when the lawn is looking less than stellar and thirsty for water then “issa no” on the grass!

When you stage photos on Poshmark outside, the most important thing is to make sure you take your pictures when the sun is not too bright–as the sun can cause ugly shadows.

When modeling for Poshmark photos make sure to stage your camera on a square format (we will talk more about this later on, in this article.)

<<<If you want to learn more about rather modeling for Poshmark matters for sales then check out this article>>>

Poshmark Cover Photo

For Poshmark cover photo if you choose to do filters then make sure you let your customer know.

Sometimes people will use filters, which I am not a big fan of, to entice people to come to the shop.

Here are some Poshmark filters “timeless” and “vintage” vs. the original picture I took with no filter.

You can see how distorted the pictures look from the original vs. the Poshmark filters (timeless and vintage).

If any of your photos do not reflect the true nature of your product then you must let your customers aware!!

This is why I do NOT edit my photos outside of cropping when it comes to changing the looks I may slightly brighten the photo but that is about it.

Even when I brighten a picture I am very careful so that my item that the picture represents is it’s true nature.

When you start adjusting pictures with filters you risk misrepresenting the image. Misrepresentation and not selling an item as described can be grounds for a return on Poshmark. As such, for this reason, I don’t fool with filters, they add no value in my opinion.

PRO TIP: Please tread lightly if you choose to use filters on your cover photos and pics in general.

Flat lay photos for Poshmark

The simplest way to do flat lay photos for Poshmark is to use a white background or a simple background.

poshmark photo white background

As discussed earlier, I mainly use Photo Fuze app for my white backgrounds.

With clean, pressed items free of wrinkles as best you can lay the item flat.

Use accessories if you have them and want to make your cover photo pop!

In the beginning, I use to do more flat lays with styled merchandise. However, I’ve started to just use a white background to give an e-commerce look which works for me across the various platforms I sell on.

Sometimes I will just have green grass background which is my go to when I don’t fill like doing much editing because using a white background takes more work than to shoot and click on a green grass background.

How to Photograph Shoes for Poshmark

The best way to photograph shoes is on a simple white background or an interesting background that doesn’t take away from the appearance.

Poshmark photo tips

Also, make sure to add measurements when you can.  You will still get people asking you questions like:

“I am a size 8.5, will these “size 11” fit my feet.

With the measurements it will cut down on this comments, but it will not alleviate them.

However, I like to cut down on unnecessary messages when I can.  Especially when you sell on multiple platforms like I do.  The notification I am most looking for is a sale not another question for something that could have been answered via pics or the description box.

What size should Poshmark pictures be?

Poshmark pictures should be in a square format 1:1 ratio. If you are taking pictures with your phone then you just need to take pictures in square format. Otherwise you risk your item getting cropped and looking askew.

This is one of the best Poshmark photo tips I learned along the way. In the beginning, I would just take the pictures without regard to getting the format right in the beginning and then I would just play around with zooming, cropping, and adjusting after the fact.

However, when you get the size right in the beginning for your Poshmark photo you can see exactly how the picture will look when you post to Poshmark,

How to Get Square Photos For Poshmark

The easiest way to get square photos is to use your phone and take them in the square format. This is the one to one ratio (i.e. 1:1) that will perfectly align with Poshmark formatting.

However, if you are taking a picture of jeans or an item that takes up a big area, the cropping struggle is real! You may find that the picture you took and modeled so perfectly–and the legs got cut off!

If you are planning to not show your face then make sure when you take your pictures make sure your head is already cropped out.

poshmark photo tips

Poshmark Photo Size Pixels

Poshmark photo size is 1:1 so the pixels are the same width as height. If you take the Poshmark photo in square format it will be perfectly aligned versus being a cut off photo.

Poshmark Photo Guidelines

Here are some more Poshmark photo tips and photo guidelines that will help you make sure you are doing things the right way!

  • Clear representation in your main photo of the item
  • Don’t use special effects that distort the true condition of the item
  • Don’t use photos you didn’t take or get permission to use

Do you want to sell on Poshmark but don’t have the time?

The following is an sponsored link. That means if you click and purchase from this link I have and/or may receive a small commission. Please read my full disclosure policy for details.

Poshmark Lightening Kit

Years ago when I was working on a business endeavor, I had asked my girlfriend who is a photographer for a good lightening kit for photos I needed to take. I wanted one that did not cost a lot and she mentioned a Cowboy Studio lightening kit. I bought it years ago like in 2013 and I still have it. Here is my advice don’t have this up around kids and a dog running into your house because the lightbulbs may break! However, it’s not the product fault, this happened last year, so pretty much I had it for 6 years with no issues.

When I first started my shop this is the exact lightening equipment I used and it worked beautifully!

Is it OK to use stock photos on Poshmark?

Although many people use stock photos according to Poshmark they state to not use photos you did not get permission for. However, here is the truth, I will be the first to admit that a lot of people use stock photos to sell–including me!  Actually, some of Poshmark’s top sellers use stock photos and Poshmark does not appear to care about this.  It appears that mostly Poshmark is just trying to cover their bases with this statement. 

If you are going to use stock photos for Poshmark here are a few tips:

  • Still show the true condition of the garment rather used or new
  • Understand styles will help you better with researching for pics

How do you make your picture background white on Poshmark?

In order to make my picture background white I use a White Background App for Poshmark called foto fuze.

I’ve tried many and to me, photo fuze is the best way to get a clean crisp white background  with Poshmark that is simple to use without a lot of tedious work.

The good news is that it is currently a free app to use and all you need is some plain white paper posterboard to get started.  So this entire hack can be done for like $2!

If you happen to have a big white sheet of paper to photograph with then you can use that. Alternatively, I’ve used four sheets of posterboard that were  2 for $1 at Dollar Tree.

Now if I had my choice I would prefer the big sheet of white paper but when I ran out I opted for the cheap 4 posterboard hack. 

Tip: When using posterboard you will get a feel on how to place garments so that the lines don’t show the more you use it

I was able to create a clean crisp white background because the photo files app will erase the lines for me now the key if you’re going to use this method for your flat lays you must use a solid background that means no bumps no gradients or things like that because if you do you will not have an even picture.

I’ve tried the background eraser technique that I saw other Poshmarker’s using and to me that was wayyyy too tedious and too much work.

This method I like because I can work like an assembly line and take my pictures in bulk then edit them one by one without spending time tediosuly cleaning them up.

If you follow these Poshmark photo tips they can help you take your shop to the next level and give it a cohesive look that will help you “brand” better and sell more.

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