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If you are thinking about signing up for Poshmark to sell then read this Poshmark review so that you can find out the real real about Poshmark.

Poshmark is becoming more and more popular by the day.  Poshmark is expanding its market over the years by adding kids clothing, men’s clothing, and now home goods.  Poshmark is starting to hit mainstream with more aggressive marketing pushes including a steady flow of TV commercials as well. 

With this growth there are more and more buyers and sellers coming to the platform.  This influx of new people coming to the market is what companies hope for, however for many old time users or early adopters of the Poshmark platform this has lead to many frustrations over the past year or so. There are so many parts of Poshmark, that this Poshmark review could go as long as the yellow brick road, however for sanity sakes the focus here will be on the most prevailing questions and/or pain points on the Poshmark app.

A Poshmark review: Is it worth it to sell on Poshmark?

If you have had more than one WTF moment on Poshmark as a seller and you are wondering if you should stay or go, than this Poshmark review is for you. 

Poshmark shoppers can be prima donnas. Read any online Poshmakr forum reviews and you will hear about how unreasonable Poshmark customers are.  As of result of this plus other issues many sellers will ask “Is Poshmark worth it?” For example, you will sell an item on Ebay throw it in a plastic bag and call it a day.  On Poshmark you sell that same item and you have to wrap it up, with a thank you card, with a ribbon and if you do you fear your rating will suffer.  Poshmark customers are perceived as prima donnas, and the ones who nickel and dime you will nag you the most.  Then there is the endless comments and questions that you have answered already in the post or request to do things like “Try on” or ask for some obscure measurement like “can you measure the space between the buttons?” like ugghhh why does that matter?!!? Plus it will be on item for like $10 and I am not taking it out of storage to provide you with that…so GIRL BYE! Reddit is full of memes regarding this.  You have to decide on Poshmark something I learned a long time ago “some people cost too much to serve” if the sale aint worth it then move on!

The low ball nature of Poshmark and the constant drama from some of the shoppers will have you wanting to pull your hair out sometimes.  It’s one thing to get continuosly low ball offers That is one of the things that most people hate about Poshmark is that you get this  “Congratulations you got an offer” and  its an insult to all the time and effort you put into curating that item.  We can save the don’t take it personal talk for another post, honestly it can get irritating and if I had to guess one of the top fixes most Poshers would wish for it would be a way to reject offers at a certain amount like you can on Ebay.

Can you really make money on Poshmark?

The only real way you can be successful on Poshmark starting today in this environment is you have to be competitive with pricing its basic economics as more and more buyers come to the app, it will cause prices to go downward. Also, Poshmark is promoting their platform as a place for a “hookup” on a good deal! Case in point, just look at the commercial where the girl brags about getting a pair of Louboutin’s for $100.  So when you get that $100 offer on your Louboutin’s that costs you $945 and you wore once at your wedding you can thank Poshmark for that!!!

You have to be able to source as low as possible to stay on top of trends.  They are people who do retail arbitrage that find success with careful planning and selling only the items that have a fast sell through rate.  The focus being on NWT which there are a lot of people looking for deals on Poshmark for NWT trending items. 

You have to be able to build in a profit that you can live with, if you can’t then Poshmark will not be worth it.  If the Posher doesn’t have an appreciation for your item and the perceived value is not there your clothes will sit there like corpses resting in a coffin (your closet!).

I sell a lot of vintage jeans and there are certain brands that sell on Poshmark and I will list them when I know they are rare but outside of them being rare, I know that a lot of times they are not going to sell at what I am looking for on Poshmark so I won’t even bother listing them, it is not worth it for me!

In short, your #1 goal with finding Poshmark success is to get trendy, in demand clothing that has good turnover for as cheap as possible, so you can build in your profit and make that money until it starts making itself.

Is It Safe To Buy From Poshmark?

Poshmark is safe to buy from it is a multi-million dollar company. Yes they have scammers but scammers exits everyone.

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Is Poshmark Better Than eBay?

It is hard to say that one is better than the other. They are many people who cross list to both Poshmark and eBay. Then sometimes one platform pisses someone off and they just choose one.

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What is sharing on Poshmark and does it matter?

Sharing is one of the most important things you can do for Poshmark. But truth moment is can be wasteful af.  Whereas on Ebay or Etsy, I can post an item and the almighty algorithm decides on who comes to see my item.  I have to constantly share my items on Poshmark to get to the top of the feed.  For hardcore Poshers they feel like “Yass I am in control”, but for people like me who want to set it and forget it, it can be a bit much. 

Then there is the sharing of other people closet, here is the thing sharing other people’s closet is second to sharing your own closet.  I once was a part of a share group that was about 20ish people deep and we each had to share 10 items from each other’s closet EVERY DAY. I literally would spend all day trying to find time to do this.  I didn’t see any return on this time investment and it makes sense now that I know better.

Your closet comes first and that is the number #1 way for selling. Nothing else comes as close except for having the lowest prices ever!  Sharing on Poshmark brings your item to the top of the search feed. Think of it like Instagram posts you know how on Instagram posts at the bottom of the feed don’t get looked at as much. The same ideology if your item is at the bottom of the Poshmark feed it will not get seen as much.  Most people are looking for and buying items based on a “search” not the followers feed. As such, sharing allows you to be at the top, think about Google search and how websites that show up on the first page get the most hits.  This is why all that group sharing did not work, its about getting your item as close to the top of the feed as possible.  How many times you share depends on you, but sharing twice a day, is the most common and appears to be the average.

Can you make money on Poshmark with used clothing?

It depends (the answer everyone hates when asking a question).  The reality is that people–millennials are the target market–come to Posh to get a good deal period and they are typically looking for quality stuff. Millennials have grown up with high brands and are okay with recycled clothing as that is en vogue and environmentally sound,  but they want that deal tho!!

However, there does appear to be specific type of sellers that tend to have success on Poshmark and so let’s review a few of the Poshmark Gurus out there.

Posher #1

I love watching Street Savvy YouTube hauls her clothes are so crush worthy from a reseller perspective she is a beast. She goes to the bins and other places and she has a low cost of good–as a majority of her items are an average of a dollar of two with what appears to be a maximum pricing around five dollars. She goes to the Goodwill bins, it appears her bins are sprinkled with fairy dust because I have never seen anything on the level.

I’ve seen her grab Prada, Louboutin, Lululemon, Burberry, Fendi, Supreme, etc all at the GOODWILL OUTLET. I don’t know what is going on in Denver, Colorado area where she seems to be shopping at, but some apparent reason they are willing to give their stuff away to a point that it is constantly appearing at the Goodwill Outlet.  I know I know you are thinking good for her!!!

Poshmark Reviews

If you can grab an item with  high perceived value like Street Saavy then Poshmark is definitely the platform for you they are looking for trendy items, because even if people low ball you (which will happen all the time) when you are only paying a few dollars on a pair of Prada shoes you have a lot of room to negotiate to make profit.

Posher #2

There is just certain people that have them profile to have such a high a social media following that it’s a question of what came first the sales or the following.

If you’ve been in the game a long time and if you build up your following over the years some people may came to your closet for you and your clothing aesthetic your look.

Some closets with a huge Poshmark following are…no need to call them out they are all over Youtube, Insta, and some even have news articles!

Posher #3

Poshers they have a mix of high-low items they are a volume business and they value volume instead of having one big sale. Nicole State carries a lot of inventory (I’m talking like 700 items range), it does appear like Street Saavy she gets a lot of her inventory at the bins, so that means her cost of goods sold would be around $1-$2 on average.

Honestly, there is no one success model on Poshmark, but if you think you can go and sell any old used clothing its not going to work people want a deal on something of value that is less ubiquitous than cheap mass marketed items from Target, Forever 21, etc. All in all you have to be strategically picking items with a low price but has high value and is trendy.

For example, Madewell jeans are high end jeans if you see them for $5 you grab, if you see Seven for All Mankind a high end jean for $5 you leave them.  They are not selling well on the resale market. 

Posher #4

There are many retail arbitrage Poshers. Success selling this way means you really have to know the NWT trending companies some popular ones are Adidas, Lululemon, etc that will help you turn over your inventory quickly. As a NWT seller, you are competiting with more readily available merchandise that maybe more voluminous than a pair of jeans from a few years ago. However, there are some Poshers killing this category check out Solange, who can school you on how she shops at the outlets and places like Marshalls for her inventory and how quickly she turns over her inventory.

Poshmark Review: Show Rooms

To increase the exposure of your closet you want to make sure that your item shows up in as many places as possible.  So always check out the Poshmark show rooms to see if any of your items fit the keywords of the showroom for example. If you see the Poshmark has a showroom for “Wedges” and you have a Espadrille that is also a wedge, make sure you have “wedge” in your title/description so that it can show up in the showroom.  These showrooms are curated so that trending items that customers are searching for can be in one specific area.  They will follow the seasons so summer you will see things highlighted like “Levis Denim Cutoffs” and “Swimwear”, Fall “Bomber jacket”

How does a Poshmark party work?

The items in the Poshmark party have specific themes like “Best in Makeup”, “Runway Worthy Posh Party” “Preppy: J. Crew, Kate Spade, Vineyard Vines & More Party” etc. The purpose of these themed parties is to provide a “curated” place where shoppers can find the items that appeal to their tastes, thereby enhancing the shopping experience for the buyer.  While in the showroom certain parties will have Poshmark hosts, which are designated Poshmark members that are selected to curate special items for the theme. For example, if the theme is “Best of Handbags” each host will pick 50-100 items from the Poshmark universe  that they feel best represents the baddest handbags on Poshmark.  Getting a host pick is a highly coveted thing on Poshmark. This is the current weekly line up.

A poshmark party is a virtual party where users go into different showrooms at various times during the time to window shop/shop for items.

The items in the Poshmark party have specific themes “Best in Makeup”, “Runway Worthy Posh Party” “Preppy: J. Crew, Kate Spade, Vineyard Vines & More Party” The purpose if to provide a “curated” place where shoppers can find the items that appeal to their tastes, thereby enhancing the shopping experience for the buyer.  This is the current weekly line up.

What are Poshmark party times?

Poshmark typically has about 4 parties within a day.  The party times are set in Pacific Standard Time (PST) since Poshmark HQ is in California. As such whenever you are hosting/attending a party its important that if you are outside of the PST you adjust your scheduled accordingly. 

Here are are the Poshmark party times converted for each time zone so you won’t be tardy for the party!!

9 AM 10 AM 11 AM 12 PM
12 PM 1 PM 2 PM 3 PM
4 PM 5 PM 6 PM 7 PM
7 PM 8 PM 9  PM 10 PM

Poshmark Review: Poshmark Communities

All the Poshmark partying and PFF talk and you are wondering does it even effing matter?!?!??

Poshmark is an app that came of age with Facebook and so it has the social network feel of Facebook coupled with shopping. So the friends of Poshmark (BFF=PFF), the online partying, the offline partying, and the liking and sharing, one time I overheard at a Poshmark event that one mom was getting criticized from her family because she spent all day Poshing.  Sounds familiar, that’s a common epithet heard about Facebook.  Here is my thing, I am not a huge Facebooker, my real friends are offline, it’s up to the individual to decide the level of engagement, I am a nice person but this is a side hustle and so it has to stay in a side hustles place is second place to a whole lot of other things that I have going on, I am not going to be online keeping up with all of that. Do you…and get the sales you can get with the time you have. You are there to sell, socializing can come naturally as you go along.

Do I hate Poshmark?

It might sound like I am blasting Poshmark with this review but I am not because I still sell on the platform.  This Poshmark review is to tell you the truth, there is a lot of fakery out there and here is my dose of truth serum.  Poshmark like most reselling platforms has it good days and bad days.  So when you see those Instagram posts with the girl with the priority packages piled high bragging about her sales for the weekends and you’ve had $5 offers all weekend, know that she might have taken those $5 offers!! 

Everyone has their own unique selling proposition and you have to find yours.  Otherwise, you can find in it a state of negative self evaluation looking at other sellers successes and the reality is that you can never copy and paste anyone’s else success.  Figure out what unique set of circumstances can revive your closet if its dead and you have no sales.  If you are just starting a Poshmark closet or just need to make a change could you sell clothes from your family closet they were going to give away? Get free clothes by offering to haul away unwanted clothes on Craiglist?  In the end, don’t get frustrated or depressed.  I’ve seen “reselling envy” and resulting depression, the kind of Facebookish/Instagramish social media comparison “why does she get to sale more than I do?” thing and without getting all “granola” on you be your own master of your universe, if you manifest thoughts of “Poshmark being dead” it will be dead for you….you will literally talk up your reality. 

Truth moment, I myself got caught in a frustration loop with Poshmark and I gave it the middle finger and payed attention to my Depop shop more.  It was after hosting a party (no sales from this), a slow season, and a unwarranted return, it all happened back to back and I was like whatever, I aint sharing, I don’t care, if someone wants something they buy at full price otherwise I am ignoring offers….PERIOT POO!  But then despite me not giving Poshmark any attention, a sale or two will trickle which would prompt me to share and then I gave in again to Poshmark.

Me and Poshmark have the sort of dysfunctional relationship you see when the girl complains about her bae all the time but in the same sentence says “how she will never leave him.”  That sums it up, I talk my smack about Poshmark but we still together and I wonder sometimes if I should just listen to Destiny Child and “Cater 2 U Poshmark” and see what happens!!! In the end, sometimes the difference between the win and the loss is the next sale so stop worrying so much about is Poshmark dead?  This is what I’ve learned whenever Poshmark feels dead, I am usually selling on another platform.  Then all of a sudden Poshmark will come like this week and I sold two pair of jeans (with little to no sharing)  that have been sitting forever in my closet each cost me $1 and I sold them for $65 and $50 right on Poshmark. 

Poshmark is a growing platform, whenever a company is growing it will go through growth hiccups as it adjusts and changes to the marketplace. 

If you feel like Poshmark is dead then I will suggest cross selling on other apps or figuring out if there is a better way to re-work Poshmark and make it work like any other relationship you have to put time and attention to.

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