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Deciding on rather you should be on Poshmark vs eBay can get tricky because as a reseller you do not want to go through the rabbit hole of choosing a platform that is a waste of time!

There are so many reselling websites/apps and new ones are popping up everyday

Over the years Poshmark has had several sellers jump ship over from eBay  to check them out.  However, the grass is not always greener on the other side…they both have their pros and cons.

Today, I will break down some of the differences between Poshmark vs eBay so you can figure out what’s best for you!

Is eBay or Poshmark Better?

Rather eBay or Poshmark is better depends on what question you are asking because eBay and Poshmark definitely have some similarities but they also have a lot of differences.

So again it depends on the question.

Are you talking about which platform you can get your money faster on?

Well that answer is eBay, you have to either wait for the buyer to accept or after three days if they don’t accept for you to get your money on Poshmark.

Or are you referring to returns, well Poshmark wins this round as their entire platform is final sale.

eBay vs Poshmark Returns?

Poshmark has had a cult following for quite sometime but over the last couple years they have been trying to assert their dominance as a formidable reselling platform primed to go toe to toe with the industry leader—eBay.

Many ebay sellers have flocked to Poshmark solely based on one particular pain point that they are experiencing and that is Poshmark is a final sale platform.

Some eBay sellers are FED UP with the overly generous eBay return policy. Many sellers who have “final sales” are still made to return items because you basically have to yield to whatever eBay and/or PayPal wants you do.

Some buyers have been manipulating the system and returning things 90+ days, even if the shop owner does offer a return policy with limited time frame like 30 days.

Many buyers go so far to threaten the buyer with a bad rating to force their hand to take a unwarranted return.

This is one reason over and over you will hear as the catalyst as to why eBay sellers jumped ship or a least cross-listed with Poshmark.

Poshmark vs eBay Fees

When It comes to Poshmark vs eBay for fees. Poshmark wins for simplicity.

Although, people complain about Poshmark sellers fees which are a flat rate of 20%, sometimes I feel about time you add up everyone’s else fees plus their transaction costs it’s all a wash. Plus the shipping is so much easier on Poshmark I like the time I save on that portion!

So let’s do a comparison on a pair of jeans, and we will use this handy dandy eBay calculator to get our eBay numbers.

Let’s say we had a Lululemon item that you got thriftig for $1. Let’s see the breakdown of eBay vs Poshmark, using the below table for Poshmark vs eBay for profit vs fees.

ITEM COST$1.00$2.50
PRICE SOLD$35.00$35.00
PROFIT MARGIN$28.00$28.54

eBay vs Poshmark Shipping

It is so simple with Poshmark once that sell comes through all I have do is print out my label and apply it to my package.

I don’t have to go log into my account and purchase a label like I have to do with eBay.  As a matter of fact, since Poshmark has only one shipping label (for up to 5 lbs) you are pretty much covered for the average shipment and should you need a label more than that you just upgrade it and pay the difference.

With Poshmark you don’t have to worry about how much this weight and can I fit this in first class mailer to save on shipping. 

The customer pays the shipping and you are out of the shipping payment process with Poshmark.

Poshmark does not currently ship internationally but I can see that changing in the future just remember I said it first or second or twentieth!

Can I sell on eBay and Poshmark?

Yes you can sell on eBay and Poshmark there are many people who do this.  All you have to do is to make sure you have a system in place for cross listing that doesn’t drive you crazy.

Cross listing on eBay and Poshmark?

Most people will tell you to do both at once. I am all for setting and forgetting and not touching something more than once. 

Each platform has the core things you should have to your listing.

  • Condition
  • Measurements
  • Gender
  • Brand
  • Sizing

However, Poshmark listings will typically need to have a few more things listed to prevent unnecessary messages and comments.

For Poshmark you should address rather If you are trading if not you should put “no trades”

Some people trade on Poshmark for clothing however Poshmark does not provide protection for  these transactions.

If you are not providing “try-ons” you should put that.

These type of questions don’t generally get asked on eBay so be prepared if you are on Poshmark you will get these questions!

Since cross posting can be redundant and a pain point for a lot of sellers app/software developers have started to come up with cross listing solutions some such as:   Please note I have not tried any of these so  I cannot speak to their veracity but you check out YouTube videos.

Is Selling on Poshmark Worth It?

Many people came to Poshmark tired of eBay to check out the newest key on the block.

However, they found out that on Poshmark…although sales are final!

Poshmark transactions are not without flaws,

On Poshmark you may find:

  • Lots of drama
  • Higher fees
  • Lowballers

Too time  consuming with all the sharing and community aspects.  If you start out as a eBay seller prior to trying Poshmark the constant touching can get a little overwhelming!

Selling on Poshmark the reality is that everyone’s experience, but for more insight on rather Poshmark is worth it please review this article.

If you really want to know which is better than go try it!

Don’t just rely on others experiences try it yourself to see, you never know which platform can make you the most bank!

If you want to see if Poshmark is good for you?

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Poshmark vs eBay