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If you are trying to figure out things like what does reserved means on Poshmark then stay tuned I got you.  Honestly, Poshmark has a lot a terminology and system quirks that are unlike any other platform online.  Figuring out the reserve function is just one of them, so let’s get to the bottom of it.

When you see the “reserved” sign on Poshmark that means that someone is trying to purchase that item. The buyer has 10 minutes to complete the purchase.  Poshmark wants to give the buyer some time to complete their purchase, however, without jeopardizing the seller missing out on sales.  So if you are a buyer and you see this “yellow” sign and you really want this item you can check back in 5-minute intervals to see if the purchase went through or not. If you don’t see a sold sign or a reserve sign then it is yours for the taking.

What Does the Flag Mean on Poshmark?

The yellow flag occurs when a buyer selects the buy now button on Poshmark.  Once that button is click Poshmark will allow that person 10 minutes to cash out and complete that transaction.

Can Someone Reserve an Item on Poshmark?

Poshmark does not have a feature to reserve an item, outside of the system feature that will automatcially reserve an item for 10 minutes to allow a user time to purchase. However, some users have their own defacto method of reserving an item that includes the following:

Listing the item not for sale until the buyer is ready to purchase. However, please note that as soon as the listing becomes available someone else can purchase it.  You can always put a message in the description “on hold for @userxyz”

Here are my two cents unless you really really trust the buyer, I wouldn’t bother reserving anything.

I don’t do holds at all. There are just too many flaky buyers, if someone wants if then they can get it when they are able.

Poshmark has Affirm which allows payment plans via that platform.  On Poshmark, all transactions are supposed to be within the platform so taking down payments to reserve an item would be against Poshmark terms and conditions.

Also, isn’t that just more work for you??

Now you out here acting like a collection agent or something!!!

I am all about the hustle, but it has to make sense.

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