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You keep hearing of how important Depop packaging is, but you may wonder how far you should take it?

How much time and effort should you REALLY devote to Depop packaging and what are the most important things to pay attention to?

Well today, I will go over how to conquer Depop packaging so you can get your item packaged cheaply and shipped out the door!

So let’s dive in!

NOTE: In this Depop Shipping Guide, I have detailed shipping information that goes really in depth regarding Depop shipping, so you definitely want to check this article out.

Does Depop pay for shipping?

No Depop does not pay for shipping unless they are offering free shipping which they offer periodically for various reasons throughout the year.

Whenever Depop offers free shipping is typically for a minimum purchase amount and a set time period such as “free shipping when you spend at least $30 minimum from January 1-January 4.”

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Something on Depop?

Since Depop takes 10% of your transaction total, it becomes very important that you make sure that when packaging your sales for Depop that you are not spending a lot on Depop packaging. You do not want packaging to cut into your profit margin. Honestly, Depop 10% fee is so much better than most platforms. Please keep in mind that there is also a PayPal fee or Depop transaction fee that you will be responsible for which is 2.9% + .30.

You can use this calculator to figure out how much you will make on Depop.

How do Depop Bundles Work?

Depop bundling was added to Depop approximately within the last year, it was a much-requested feature for sellers to help them bundle more easily. Depop bundling is when a buyer is purchasing two or more items from a seller it becomes a bundle.

A lot of sellers will offer free shipping when you bundle and if that is the case they usually will announce that in their shop’s listing and/or have it updated in their shop settings that bundles are shipped free.

If a seller does not offer free shipping sometimes they may offer a discount if you bundle.

However, if you are looking for a discount or if you see that they automatically will offer for example “15 % off 2 or more items” a seller will have to update the price first for you to bundle.

If the seller has free shipping then they will take care of the shipping.
If the buyer is paying for shipping then Depop will provide one label to cover all items purchased. In order to understand this better please see the chart and examples below!


  • Small $4.75 (max .5 lb)
  • Medium $9 (2 lb)
  • Large $12 (max 10 lb)
  • Extra Large $ 17 (max 20 lb)

For example, I had a customer who wanted to buy two jeans from me. Both jeans individually required a “medium label. A medium label covers shipments up to 2 lbs.

When she bundled, Depop provided her with an “extra large label.” This is what Depop thought would be sufficient to cover the sale. However, honestly her packages could have been covered for with a large label as both jeans together would not have been over 10lbs.

So here is the moral of the story:

If bundling, check in with the seller, because sellers can always make sure customers are getting the best prices for their bundles!

Can you use Priority Mailboxes for Depop?

Yasssss you definitely can use priority mailboxes for Depop!!!

Depop uses USPS Priority mail shipping for their US shipping transactions. Besides the small shipments, all other Depop shipping sizes are priority. Priority boxes and padded envelopes are free.

Free Depop shipping boxes can be ordered online here.

Make sure to check out my detailed guide about how to ship with USPS on Depop.

depop  packaging priority box

Depop Packaging Tips

The key with packaging for Depop is that you have to keep your costs low.

Also, other things to consider are eco-friendly customers who are purchasing on Depop. These customers are keen on saving the environment and may rebuff your efforts for pretty packaging that they may perceive as detrimental for the environment.

However, with that being said, Depop sells packaging materials and promotes that you should package your item with professionalism.

One shipping item that I think adds professionalism are shipping envelopes they honestly are so much easier to use then tapping a label to a package a thousand times! These are the types of shipping envelopes I use!

Also, even the most environmentally friendly companies still have to package the items they just choose to do it more responsibly. For protective packaging materials such as “bubble tape” you can always ask family members for leftovers and save any you receive as well.

This post is not mean to admonish or to call out your packaging process.

However, stay tuned because I do want to give you some cute Depop packaging ideas that are budget friendly and a few that are also environmentally sound.

I am a hybrid when it comes to packaging I recycle somethings that I can, but at other times I am utilizing new product packaging as well! In your settings under “Shop Policies” you can add it there if you use recycled packaging. Additionally, you can also list it on your “Shop Policies” listing in your closet. This way customers are aware of your packaging policy.


Cute Depop Packaging Idea #1

Go to the Dollar Tree

You can find a lot of cool stuff for packaging like Washi Tape, stickers, etc
You can pick up just old school note cards and hand write “Thank You.”

cheap depop packaging tip

Cute Depop Packaging Idea #2

Go to the thrift store
You can pick up some old school vintage cards or stickers which are typically around $2 or less.
Since Depop is big on vintage this will also give your item panache. Additionally, it is more environmentally friendly because it is reusing something that’s already been produced

depop packaging

Cute Depop Packaging Idea #3

Reuse cool looking shopping bags to protect your shipments
I will recycle Lays potato chip bags to protect bigger men jeans that I sell and some other larger items as well.
Not only are the Lays potato chip bags cute but they also are a good way to reuse the plastic bag. This is not an advertisement for Lays potato chips. It just so happens I have quite a few of these on a constant basis.

Moreover, this is just to give you an idea about what plastic bags you can recycle. Some of the mall shopping bags are typically thicker than your normal grocery store bag. This means that they can be a great way to provide effective protective packaging!

environmentally friendly packaging

Cute Depop Packaging Idea #4

Add a pop of color!

Washi Tape can go a long way, its a very inexpensive way to add color to your packaging.
When packaging I find that color makes it pop. This is why I use tissue paper I use it always colorful.

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about color schemes and what goes together when I package for Depop. Sometimes even the washi tape I use is a little mismatched, I think it just adds to the quirkiness of my Depop packaging.

You can get a 120 pack multi-colored tissue paper from TJ Maxx or Marshalls for only $3.99. That’s less than 3 cents a sheet!

depop packaging

Cute Depop Packaging Idea #5

A simple piece of ribbon, plus a thank you card can go a long way! This is an oversized ziploc bag or you can use clear polybags to achieve the same look!

depop packaging

Cute Depop Packging Idea #6

Don’t ever pay full price for your supplies besides thrifting for supplies. You can also restock on packaging supplies after a major gift-giving holiday like Christmas and Valentines Day. After a holiday, you can get things like ribbon and cards and envelopes for cheap.

I especially love Valentine’s Day because you can get a lot of girly pink stuff. Honestly, other holidays you can find items as well such as Easter for pastels and St. Patty’s day for gold glittery things.

Sometimes you just have to ignore the obvious “holiday” themed items like “shamrocks” and “Christmas trees” but “hearts” and “gold glitter” works anytime!

Some of my favorite places to peruse for leftover holiday packaging items are Marshall’s and Micheal’s. At both of these stores, you can find some good deals. Basically,If you wait about a week for Micheal’s and a week or two for Marshalls these items will eventually clearance out.

I find Micheal’s in my area clearances quicker than my local Marshalls. I am lucky that they are both in the same plaza so I can check them out both at once!

In conclusion, Depop packaging may not give you sales overnight, but it is an important part of the selling process.

In the beginning when you are trying to stand out if is so very very important that you add special touches like great packaging. Although fast shipping is one of the most important aspects of getting a good Depop review, solid packaging can help seal the deal! I will not say that you should go all out every time, sometimes honestly I just wrap the items in ziploc and ship them out. However, especially when customers and spending good money with you, you want to do a little TLC and show them so Depop love with your Depop packaging!

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