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I’ve been on the Depop Explore page too many times to count. I don’t say that to gloat but instead to let you know that I am in a position to help you! When I first joined the app and found out about it I immediately made it my goal to get on Depop’s Explore Page. I researched the subject and reviewed shops that were constantly on the Explore Page and within in a month of me joining the app I made it on Depop’s Explore Page. 

Today I want to go over the tips and tricks I learned to make it on the Depop Explore Page.

So let’s dive in!


Many Depop users spend their entire Depop life trying to make it on Depop Explore page, because they feel it will affect sales. 

Really that’s what is all about making sales!

Depop is fashioned after Instagram, so just like on Insta where most people’s goals are to make it on the Explore page for extra exposure the same ideology exists on Depop.

Sellers covet being on the Explore page because they feel it will help them to increase the exposure to their shop, which will in turn increase sales. Yet that may not always be the case! Since I have been on the Explore page many times I will break it down and tell you the straight up truth.


TIP #1: Keep Track Of The Trends

Write down in a calendar for the next 30 days of trends you see on the Depop Explore page.  You might think to yourself this is not necessary because you know the trends like the back of your hand.

However, writing down the specific themes will help you understand at a deeper level of the aesthetic that Depop is reaching for. 

The day I started this article I checked out the Depop theme and within seconds I saw that it was orange and stripes.  I kept scrolling and I saw colorblocking, 90s block heels, and western wear.  Now if 8 days from now I see colorblocking again, I think that is a strong indicator of things that resonate with Depop’s Explore Page curators.  Also, if there are some reoccurring brands like Tommy Hilfiger jackets, Levis, etc.  Depop is telling you via the Explore page what is trending and what they think its hot.

Therefore, if you want to make it the Depop Explore Page you have to pay attention to what the Depop Explore Page curators are looking for. 

TIP #2: Consider Sourcing Based on Depop Explore Page

After you look at the trends on Explore Page consider that maybe a good starting point to build your inventory. Not only will it increase your chances for being featured, additionally, you will have the inventory that people are looking for.

The reason Depop is putting these particular items on the Depop Explore page is because they are trending and are selling. There have been times when I source for Depop that I’ve seen something for cheap and I will be about to pass on it and think “it might be perfect for Depop Explore Page tho” and I’ll grab the item just in case.

This is actually is how I got on the Explore Page the first time for this Casper shirt I grabbed it for  .25 after seeing the trends of character shirts and within like an hour of being on the Explore Page it was purchased outright.  

Tip #3: Fix That Covershot…Yo!

There are plenty of tutorials that tell you how you can take better pictures but Depop also tells you here and I covered it an article here as well.

In general, I keep all my photography basic overall. I take all my pictures myself. If you want to model your pictures all you have to do is purchase a cell phone selfie stick tripod. On the other hand if you are like me and you already have a tripod then just purchase a few cheap cell phone mounts (sometimes they break easily) for $1 on eBay.

If you want to flat lay here is a simple hack I do that has landed me on the Explore Page.


I took four pieces of posterboard laid them flat then took the picture then I used the app Fotofuze to make a clear, crisp white background.

The covershot is the window into your shop so you must make sure it is on point as this is the first thing that the Depop will be looking at. If your goal is to make it on the Depop Explore page then ask yourself every item you post an item “is this cover photo going to make anyone pay attention and stop and scroll in the feed?”

Tip #4: Use the Right Hashtags to Make it on the Depop Explore Page

For Depop, use enough descriptions especially when trying to describe known trends you discovered in Tip #1.  For example, use “pastels” “colorblock” “western” “animal print” all these sort of terms help the Depop curator find your item when they are searching for specific items that fit their theme. 

<<<<<<<If you want more information about how to use hashtags to get more sales check out this article>>>>>>>

Tip #5: Themed Merch Can Help you make it on the Depop Explore Page

Have your themed merchandise ready and with the right hashtags.

You will find examples of this especially around seasonal times.  For example, I noticed when Meghan and Prince Harry got married the Depop Explore Page had a lot of “England” themed items. 

Here are some common seasonal/event themes for the Holidays on Depop

Halloween = Goth

coco cola jeans depop explore page

Christmas = Oversized/Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Fourth of July = Americana type merchandise

ETC…ETC…ETC…you get the point!

The third time I made it to the Explore Page, it was like 5 weeks after joining the app and I knew the item was going to be featured on Depop’s Explore Page.

How did I know?

Because I had this item, this pair of Coca-Cola Jeans I knew they would be perfect for Memorial Day, Americana themed holiday weekend!

As such, I posted them a day or two before the Memorial holiday and they made it on the Explore Page.

Tip #6: Your Death Pile Could Help you Make it on Depop’s Explore Page

vintage white cowboy boots

Your trend tracker from Tip #1 should be able to assist you with this endeavor.

If you see a trend on the Explore Page and you have not posted it yet, use that as your motivation to post an item. 

This happened only once for me but my second time making it on the Explore Page was with these pair of white cowboy boots.  The theme was western and so I hurriedly cross listed these boots I already had on Poshmark and within 15 minutes I went to the Explore Page.

Tip # 7: The Price of Items on Depop’s Explore Page Matter

The higher the price the item the more likely that it will NOT get purchased even if its on the Explore Page.


Because the higher the price the more sensitive the customer will be before purchasing.  As far as selection go, I don’t see where Depop picks an item based on price because from what I can tell, there is a variety of items priced differently based on the seller.

It appears that the main driving force for selection are trends that are aestheticlly pleasing.

Price matters when it comes down to what you want and how fast you want to sell. I noticed my higher priced items even when they have extra exposure do not normally get bought as quickly off the Explore Page as lower priced items.

Sometimes it months after being on the Explore Page until my item is purchased. There is not always a correlation to being featured on the Depop Explore page and a sale happening immediately!

How Do I Get My Items Noticed On Depop?

The Depop app states that they feature users 24/7 on the Explore Page and these are the requirements to get featured on the Explore Page:

  1. Listings must be clearly photographed in bright light
  2. Have Instant Pay turned on
  3. Photos must be in square format with no borders, watermarks or collages
  4. No hashtag spam (tagging irrelevant brands)

Also I like to use these tags (@depop and @teamdeop_us) in my listings

I remember reading a long time ago–I don’t remember where– to use these tags to get featured and so I use them.  I really don’t know if it matters or not, but it hasn’t hurt me so I continue to do it.

However, I do see people being featured on Depop Explore Page without these tags all the time.


In order to be featured on the Depop Explore page you must step in the mind of Depop Employee.

Ask yourself what would catch their eye?

Remember they are busy!

Have everything laid out for them to easily select you. 

Descriptive Language + Good Pics are the building blocks for being featured on Depop’s Explore Page.

Depop will give higher credence ie special treatment to the verified sellers it spells it outright in the Depop help section.

This is why you will see a lot of the same sellers being featured on the Depop Explore Page.  This is another thing that some users can’t stand. However, in my opinion, it’s not even worth getting upset over I’ve sold plenty of items without them being on the Explore Page. 

After you have done all the steps then give it to the universe I have seen people get upset that Depop is not choosing them for the Explore Page. Please don’t be that person who complains about how they don’t get picked!

That is so classless.  Depop does not owe you anything…if you get picked fine…but if you don’t life goes on.

You can still get sales without being featured on Depop’s Explore Page! It’s not that serious I have had things that have made it on the Depop Explore Page and still do not sell. 

What Are The Hashtags For Depop?

Using the right hashtags for Depop is an important aspect of getting on the Explore Page because you want to be “searchable.” You have to step into the mind of the customer and you actually have two customers in this instance. 

  • The one you want to buy from you
  • The Depop employee who is trying to look for items for the Explore Page

For a more in-depth guideline on what hashtags to use for Depop, check out this article.

What Does It Mean When Someone Likes Your Item On Depop?

When someone likes your item on Depop it can mean several things of which we will go over.

A “like” on Depop may simply mean that the customer is “liking” to save it to come back to purchase later. But some people will message me and be like “I see you like my item, let me know if you want to purchase.”

However, liking an item doesn’t necessarily mean that a person wants to buy from you. 

I personally do not like this at all and this appears to go against Depop’s community guidelines.

like item depop explore page

The Depop Community Guidelines state:

“Don’t spam. This includes writing multiple comments on other users’ items or sending multiple messages asking users to buy. This can result in your account being suspended.”

I like things but that doesn’t mean that I want to buy and even if you offer me a discount…I am not going to change my mind.

If I want to purchase or pursue a discount I will ask. 

I know on Poshmark this is a pain point for a lot of people and they find it annoying. 

However, on Poshmark there are gurus who say that it helps drive more sales.

Honestly, I think the messaging system on Poshmark allows for a less intrusive way, because it does not come as a DM.

To me, my DM’s on Depop is meant for my customers and I want to keep that environment pure and clean from spam!

Sending a message to a customer just because they like an item seems a little desperado. In actuality, you may come off as the pushy salesperson.

I will not knock anyone’s hustle, so this may work for some people.

However, I say proceed with caution if you are going to do this you may come off as pushy!

Also, some people like your item for the sole purpose to pay attention to them so you can follow them.

Personally, I don’t get involved in “like for like” schemes, I feel this is a waste of time. This is a purchasing platform not for social status. If the like is genuine you are closer to a sale than a person who just is playing “like” games or is trying to get you to pay attention for following purposes.

What To Do If You Are Featured on Depop Explore Page

Make sure to remember and do the following if you are featured on Depop’s Explore Page:

  • The most popular items with the most “likes” should be at the top of the closet to entice your influx of closet visitors to SCROLL through your closet
  • Many people offer a special discount when they are on Depop Explore Page to entice the new visitors to shop throughout the closet
  • Have a mix of items with high-low pricing.  I wouldn’t just have the most expensivest ala Two Chains things at the top of my closet
  • Sometimes people come to your closet because of your cool items but it may be out of their price range, but stay to look at other things
  • If you have a mix of pricing like I do, then make sure to entice the customer with some bargain deals, this may lead to some bundle sales!

Make Them Depop Sales Anyhow!

All in all, the Depop Explore Page just gives your item more exposure but increases your chance of selling, however it is not definite. I have items that were on the Explore Page almost a year ago that still haven’t sold and then some of my items sell within minutes when on the Explore Page.  However, the one key characteristic of everything that sold quickly on the Explore Page besides one time was that all items were less than $25.  So  if you ask me you are not missing much if you do not get on the Explore Page.

Do you and work on curating the best closet worthy of being featured on the Explore Page. If you do, fine and if you don’t still keep it moving.

Ultimately, you will get customers based on how banging your closet is and if Depop happens to feature you well that’s GUCCI too!


depop explore page